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How to Make a Pillowcase in 3 Easy Steps

How to Make a Pillowcase in 3 Easy Steps



Today I’m going to share a free tutorial that teaches you how to make a pillowcase. I stitched up a Christmas Pillowcase because it’s quick and easy and makes a great gift! You can also use this pillowcase pattern to sew pillowcases for other Holidays, or just everyday!

A few years ago I made a set of Christmas pillowcases for my nephews for Christmas. I was telling a friend of mine about the project (she was looking for easy gift ideas for kids for Christmas) and she asked if I had a tutorial for it on my site.

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Supplies Needed for the Pillowcases


Cute Christmas Pillowcase Poem

Later, I realized while I was talking to her that I never got around to writing up a tutorial for the pillowcase pattern. Today I thought I’d share with you how to sew a simple pillowcase.

I realize that this is one of many free pillowcase tutorials on the web. Obviously, I didn’t invent it the handmade pillowcase but thought I’d share with you guys my “go to” way for making a pillowcase.

It’s crazy easy. So easy that you may find yourself making pillowcases for every occasion. How cute would a special birthday pillowcase be?

How to Sew a Pillowcase

This pillowcase takes longer to cut out than to sew, it’s THAT quick, and uses a serger. If you don’t have a serger you can still make one, you’ll just need to substitute french seams where it calls for a served seam (to learn how to sew a french seam click here).

If you do have a serger, this project is crazy fast!! To add some detail to the pillowcase I added a bit of ribbon trim to the edge.

Supplies Needed for the Pillowcases

The fabrics I used are from Cotton + Steel’s gingham and Tinsel Christmas lines. You’ll need 1 to 1 ½ yards of fabric for the pillowcase and ½ yard for the band. This fabric is most likely no longer available. I have a Christmas Fabric line called Santa Claus Lane that would be very cute as pillowcases. You can find it here.


Pin It Print 0 from 0 votes How to Make a Pillowcase Learn how to sew a pillowcase with this simple tutorial that is great for a beginner. Prep Time 30 mins Active Time 30 mins Total Time 1 hr Yield: 1 pillowcase Author: Melissa Mortenson Tools Sewing Machine

Basic Sewing Tools

Rotary Cutter

Cutting Mat

Sewing Shears (can be used instead of the cutting mat and rotary cutter) Materials 1- yard fabric for pillowcase body – note: this is assuming that the pattern runs parallel to the selvage. If your pattern runs perpendicular to the selvage you’ll need 1 ¼ yards. (for example, my Santa’s are running sideways across the pillow vs. standing straight up and down)

½ yard fabric for pillowcase band

1 ½ yards 1″ wide ribbon for trim

Seam Tape

Thread Instructions Pillowcase Pattern Cutting Instructions 1 Piece 11″ x 40″ for the pillowcase band

1 Piece 28″ x 40″ for the pillowcase

Ribbon 40″ long Construction Steps Step One: Begin by folding the 11″ wide pillowcase band in half lengthwise. Press. Pin the 40″ side to the right side of the 40″ side of the pillowcase.

Finish this seam. I like to use a serger. If you don’t have a serger just use a wide zig zag stitch on your sewing machine. Step Two: Press the seam to one side. Using the seam tape, iron the ribbon onto the pillowcase centered over the seam between the pillowcase and the band.

Topstitch Stitch ribbon very close to the edge to secure. Step Three: Fold the pillowcase in half and serge the bottom and sides.

Clip the strings and you’re done!! Copyright Notice This is Copyrighted Content. You may NOT Copy it, Distribute it, Sell it or Package it with a Kit. You may NOT teach a class using it. If you do, it is not only dishonest, but also a violation of the terms of use of this website. We will pursue damages from violators. All items are for personal use only. No commercial use is allowed. Notes This pattern is very simple. There are other ways to sew a pillowcase including one called the “burrito method”. I chose to share a tutorial for this style of pillowcase because I feel it is the simplest to sew for someone who is new to sewing. All you need to do is sew 3 seams. It’s very easy. If you don’t have a serger, just use a wide zig-zag stitch on your sewing machine to finish off the raw edges. We wrote an article with instructions for finishing seams using various techniques. You can find it here.

Cute Christmas Pillowcase Poem

“Each Christmas Eve I lay in bed I cannot fall asleep ‘Cuz Santa and his elves will bring some toys and games that beep!

My brain is in a thinking mode I wiggle and I giggle Then I get my MAGIC CASE And slip it on my pillow.

I close my eyes and start to dream Of gifts and sugar plums. Then all at once, my mother’s voice Tells me that Santa’s come.

When you can’t sleep on Christmas Eve You toss and turn and wiggle Just slip this MAGIC PILLOW case over your soft pillow”

Printable Version of the Poem

If you’d like to more info about the poem to go with the Christmas Pillowcases you can see a post about it by clicking HERE.

You can now purchase a PRINTABLE PDF Copy of this pillowcase pattern bundled with 2 of our most popular pillow patterns including our reading pillow)!


A quick and easy way to make a pillowcase using a serger. Learn how to sew a pillowcase in 3 simple steps. No special methods needed!




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