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Vertical Gardening

How to grow Zucchini Vertically

How to grow Zucchini Vertically



If you want to start a vertical garden, learning to how to grow zucchini could be the first step to do so. Not only does Zucchini grow nicely into a vine, it doesn’t take too much trouble to grow as well. Read on to learn how to grow zucchini vertically!

Zucchini belongs to the same family as pumpkins, melons, cucumbers and squash. Zucchini are incredibly versatile in the garden. You can also cross breed different varieties of squash, zucchini and pumpkins to produce new varieties. You can save the seeds resulting from the breed and have it planted the following year.

Zucchini Benefits

Zucchini are known to contain a good amount of Vitamin C. It also contains useful amounts of potassium, folate and vitamin A. The darker the zucchini, the more packed with nutrients it is. Zucchini can range from yellow, light green to a more darker hue of gray and almost black.

How to grow Zucchini vertically

In order to successfully grow zucchini, follow these simple steps:


The first step is to prepare the area where you are planning to plant the zucchini as well as preparing the seedling for planting. Zucchini is a perfect veggie for directly sowing into your garden!

First, you need to choose a very good area to plant the zucchini seedling. If you already have an existing garden, you may want to plan carefully the layout of the crops as zucchini could grow broad leaves and it might overshadow other crops you may have planted.


If direct sowing Zucchini, make sure to space them in such a way that they won’t overrun each other and other smaller crops which you may also be growing close. If you are short on space, I strongly suggest that you plant the zucchini near the fence, trellis or lattice. Zucchini makes a beautiful vine! You just have to make sure that the poles are strong enough to support the weight of the vine.

Zucchini plants are “big feeders” meaning that they need nutrient dense soil. Make sure to add some well rotted manure to the soil or a good dose of compost to help with the growth and development of the vine.

You also need to cultivate the ground regularly to deter the growth of weeds. Additionally, adding some mulch will help preventing the growth of weeds as well as keeping the fruits clean.


Zucchini is a very hardy plant that can be trained to grow vertically with a little work. The bush varieties or most summer squash can be grown vertically using a small hand made cage or structure. I have had some success with growing zucchini plants in pots with a tomato cage to control the plant.

Other varieties of squash such as Zucchino Rampicante, a variety that vines out much like winter squash can be grown up any trellis as long as you are persistent in keeping the vines tied to their trellis.


When watering the zucchini, you have to see to it that you avoid watering the leaves so as to prevent fungal growth. Be sure to address the first sign of mildew or insects on the vines to keep them under control. Some of the pests and problems you need to be on the lookout for includes pests such as Cucumber Beetles and Vine Borers.


Squash and Zucchini plants are very prolific! They will produce fresh zucchini all throughout the spring and summer if you keep the diseases and pests under control. Be sure to harvest the zucchini at eight inches! When zucchini fruits stay on the plant too long they get too large and are tougher. You can use larger fruits for zucchini bread and other types of baked goods.

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Zucchini is one of the best things to grow in your garden. Low on space? You can grow in small spaces by learning how to grow zucchini vertically!




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