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How to Design the Perfect Fire Pit Area for Your Cottage | EiEiHome

How to Design the Perfect Fire Pit Area for Your Cottage | EiEiHome



Having a cottage is all about being outdoors and enjoying the beautiful nature around you and there’s no better way to do that than by sitting around a fire surrounded by friends and family. Get the most out of your outdoor space this summer by learning how to create the perfect fire pit area for your cottage.

What’s Your Style?

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In order to set out a design plan for your brand-new fire pit area it’s important to first hone down your preferred style. Deciding whether you like a modern look over something more rustic, or contemporary, over classic will make creating design plans a breeze. With a selected style in mind, picking out materials, furniture and fabrics becomes so much easier.

Create Seating

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A fire pit area is a place to gather, laugh and make memories with those you love, which means it’s important to have seating that can accommodate everyone. Comfortable seating is also a must, for those long summer nights around the fire where you’re relaxing, roasting marshmallows and telling stories.

Select a Safe Location

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Before you even begin to create your fire pit area it’s important to select a safe area to have it. Open spaces, devoid of large trees and overhanging branches are ideal, as they don’t pose any fire risks. It’s also important to ensure that your fire pit is a safe distance away from any building.

Choose the Right Material

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It’s important to know the function of your fire pit to properly select a material, size and style. Smaller spaces are better suited to bowl-style fire pits which are commonly smaller in size, as well as easily moved. This is ideal if you’re looking for something less permanent. However, if you are looking for something fixed, large stones and bricks are materials better suited to withstand the elements and high heat.

Add Some Personality

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Personalizing your fire pit area with pillows, cushions, string lights and more are the final touches that add comfort and personality to your outdoor space. Accessories such as these are a great way to create the theme of your space and set the intended mood and atmosphere.

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