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How To Decorate for Easy Outdoor Living

How To Decorate for Easy Outdoor Living



Welcome to our deck! We finally created an easy outdoor living space and we are enjoying every minute.

So in a couple months we will celebrate our four year house anniversary. It’s really surprising to think we have lived here that long. But what’s even more shocking is that all those years, our backyard deck has only had a sad little dining table! We love to dine outside, so I’ve been wanting an outdoor lounge area sooo bad. Well friends, I am happy to now show you our super loungie deck. 😉 We’ve create an easy outdoor living space that not only suits all the needs of our family but hopefully our guests too.

And today, I’m not only showing you our deck, but I’ve also teamed up with Krista from The Happy Housie to show you over 20+ more outdoor spaces! But before I do, let me share how I finally got this outdoor living area decorated. This post may contain affiliate links for your convenience.

Outdoor Living Furniture

Our deck isn’t real big. So to be able to divide this space into a dining and lounging area, I had to be very selective when it came to furniture. Which basically meant I had to measure twice (maybe three times) and then click ‘buy now’. 😉

I finally decided for our family of four, a nice outdoor bench and two matching chairs should be just about right. In my head I designed the layout with the bench centered in the middle and then two chairs on the end, facing each other.

Well that would have worked. Except that I forgot about the stairs leading off the deck onto the yard. They are not centered and if I move the chair all the way over, I’m partially blocking those stairs. That’s kinda big deal!

So I turned the chair to a more of an angle and I think it’s even better. It’s still a great fit for conversation but the angle provides a nice invite to the yard action as well. Who knew my mistake would be so great!

Whoever sits in that end chair can’t really reach the coffee table, so I decided to add a couple outdoor stools. These stools can be used all over the deck from foot stools, to end tables, and even extra sitting if need be. I also love that they’re black! They give an instant pop to any place I set them on the deck.

And speaking of coffee tables, I just love this low square one that matches our furniture. It’s has plenty of room for drinks and snacks plus it’s the perfect height for resting your feet.


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Must-Have Outdoor Living Accessories

I already told you about how much I love those matching stools, so now let’s talk about those big stripes on the deck! Are you feeling them?!

You might remember this striped outdoor rug from last year’s summer tour of the front porch. You know how I love my black and white decor. So when I started pulling the look together for this deck decor, of course I wanted a neutral rug.

Iremembered I had this one stored away and wondered if it would fit with the new furniture. It did! So, I decided to just shop my home and use it again. Stripes never go out of style right?!

Speaking of patterns, let’s chat about the outdoor pillows. What do you think?

I decided to just have some fun with pillow patterns and I mixed and matched a bunch! Some new and some old, but all are loved. And there’s no such thing as too many right? 😉


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Just in case you missed it, last month I shared how I got the dining side of the deck ready for guests. It’s so nice to finally be able to enjoy this whole outdoor living area to the fullest!

I hope you enjoyed the tour of your backyard deck!

And now as promised, over 20+ fabulous outdoor spaces. Be sure to check them all out!

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Welcome to our backyard patio deck! We finally created an easy outdoor living space that our family loves. And we are enjoying every minute!




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