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How To Build A Squash Arch For Your Garden

How To Build A Squash Arch For Your Garden



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I used to grow my squash on the ground, and train the vines to stay in a neat row (well, as neat as squash can be). Not anymore, I designed and built a DIY squash arch to tame my squash, and now I have a wonderful piece of architecture in my garden too.

Squash is a bully in the garden, and it will take over if you don’t control it. Now that I have my squash arch, the squash in my garden grows vertically, and it’s so much easier to control in my small vegetable garden plot.

How To Build A Squash Arch

It was extremely easy to put this arch together. Originally, I was going to build it the same way I built my cucumber arch trellis.

But the metal garden fencing I used isn’t strong enough to hold up heavy squash on its own around the top of the arch.

So we (my husband helped me with this project) came up with a design that uses PVC piping to support the fencing over the top of the arch.

To make the arch tall enough, we needed two pieces of PVC pipe for each side. We glued them together using a special PVC glue and then weaved the PVC into the fencing.

Once the squash arch was up, I spray painted the PVC black to make it look like metal. You can paint it any color you want, be creative! Just make sure to paint it before you plant any seedlings so they don’t get sprayed with paint.

Also, it’s better to paint the squash arch after you put it up. If you paint it first, then the paint will get scratched when you start to move the squash arch around. Be sure to use a plastics spray paint too, so that it sticks to the PVC.

Growing Squash On A Squash Arch

Many people are afraid to grow squash vertically because it’s so heavy. But, most of the squash sit on top of the arch. If any squash start to hang down, I put them back on top.

The heavy squash can also be supported by making a sling out of an old t-shirt or nylons to support their weight as they mature.

My favorite types of squash plants to grow on my DIY garden arch are Sugar Pie Pumpkins, Butternut and Delicata.

Amazing right? Who knew squash could be so beautiful! I’m super excited about this arch, I absolutely love it! So many people rave about it, and it’s the focal point of my vegetable garden.

It has made squash plant control very easy, and the squash no longer takes over the garden. It also makes harvesting the squash a breeze, since I don’t have to bend down and hunt for it.

If you love my unique DIY squash arch design and want to build your own, click the button below to download the detailed squash arch instructions today!

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Building A Squash Arch – Step-by-Step Instructions

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Leave a comment below and let me know what you think of my squash arch design.

Build this gorgeous squash arch to add beauty and height to your vegetable garden. My unique DIY squash arch design is an inexpensive project that doesn’t take much time to make. Get the full step-by-step squash arch instructions now.




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