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How to build a pergola yourself – instructions and photos

How to build a pergola yourself – instructions and photos



Build a pergola yourself – challenge yourself

Step 1 – design the project!

Before you build a pergola yourself, it is always a good idea to write everything down on a piece of paper. If you are going to build them directly on the ground, you should first mark holes for the corner pillars and then dig them out.

Make sure the pillars are flat and properly positioned before filling the holes.

Your garden design can appear even more beautiful

Step 2 – choose materials and tools!

A hammer drill, quick drying epoxy, and anchor bolts will definitely get you into use. So that you can build a pergola yourself, you also need to find suitable materials. Cedar and American redwood are natural woods that are very easy to work with. The mahogany is a hardwood that resists plant pests and wood rot. Treated with marine oil, the wood looks like teak.

DIY projects are fun

Step 3 – incorporate corner pillars and support beams!

Mount metal guard jaws to the stone for the corner pillars. Attach 4 support beams to the corner pillars. But they have to be really flat. Use galvanized carriage bolts to attach the support beams to the corner pillars. Then you can fix the crossbeams to the support beams with screws.

Enjoy a delicious cup of coffee under fragrant plants

Step 4 – incorporate more beams and supports

Now comes a number of cross members, which should be notched with a saw and then attached perpendicularly to the support beam. Put a number of notched battens on the opposite direction.

Magnificent wisteria

Step 5 – use more accessories

When you’re done, you can start painting. Better to do this with a pressure roller or with a brush. Now add colored accessories, such as B. beautiful garden furniture made of rattan and green plants and you will have a cozy and beautiful garden corner. So you can build a pergola yourself without too much effort, right?

Lying outdoors

Integrate climbing plants

Exterior design with a water feature

Romantic lighting

Oriental style pergola

Concrete pillars for a classic appearance

Garden design with sculptures as decoration

Stylish dining area

Beautiful, orange flowers

Different flooring ideas

Asian style pergola design

Nice combination between garden furniture and pendant lights

Great idea for garden stools

Black wooden pergola

Pergola ideas in a round shape

Stone pavement supports and wood

Porcelain tableware in line with blue patio furniture

Nice garden furniture and garden decoration

Stylish pergola with a leather bench

Build a modern pergola

Nice plant beds in the backyard


Outdoor kitchen

Unique patio

Pergola on a platform

Stone wall and water feature in the garden

Concrete slab and lawn flooring

Planted ceiling

Pergola with a swing in the garden

Plain and simple

The house and pergola flow together

Terrace design with pergola

White pergola with climbing plants

Yellow-green color combination

Hanging swing

Before building a pergola yourself, it is always a good idea to write everything down on a piece of paper. If you’re going to be building them right on the ground, you want them




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