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How to Build a Concrete Raised Bed Garden for the Disabled

How to Build a Concrete Raised Bed Garden for the Disabled



You do not have to spend a fortune to have some decent and solidly-built raised beds.

Any old building blocks, whether new or second hand will do. You will just need the blocks, some cement, sand, a garden spade and a spirit level to construct them.

Mark out your area, and dig foundations for your blocks to ensure it is even. This can be done by digging a trench over your marked off perimeter, then pouring in liquid concrete. When it settles, your base should be level. Check with a spirit level.

Then lay the blocks in place and cement them as you go along. You can build the walls as high as you require.

Finishing the blocks off with a plaster coat is not strictly speaking necessary but it is more aesthetically pleasing on the eye.

The whole structure of a raised bed can then be painted if desired.

The next task will be to infill it with compost. If you did not remove the turf from the bottom before you constructed the raised bed, simply put down a layer of cardboard or old newspapers. Not only are items fully biodegradable, they will prevent weeds and grass from growing through.

Fill your new raised bed up to the very top with compost or soil taken from elsewhere in the garden. The level will settle slightly lower when it rains.

Then you are ready to plant.

In the picture here, rocks were added to the compost so that alpine and otherrockery plants could be planted, but it could well be that grandpa may prefer to grow vegetables or flowers. You can construct more than one raised bed.

Also you are not limited to building in a square or rectangular shape. Your raised bed can be any shape you choose or have the ability to design, but rectangular or square makes access easier for the disabled.

The advent of raised bed gardening has been a blessing for the elderly and disabled as the designs mean they can now weed, plant and care for flowers and vegetables on their own without needing assistance. Learn how easy is it to build a concrete raised bed garden on which the disabled can rest while they work.




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