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Vertical Garden Wall

How to Build a Cheap Vertical Garden | Flowers

How to Build a Cheap Vertical Garden | Flowers



Not everyone who likes the garden has enough space to make their own in the backyard or on that balcony. It was precisely this reason that made vertical gardens stand out among housewives and gardeners. They are beautiful, can be composed of several species of plants and are extremely practical especially when talking about space.

How to set up a garden may not be so cheap if you don’t pay attention to some details, how about knowing some tips that will help you set up a beautiful and cheap vertical garden? We chose some details that make a total difference when setting up your vertical garden.

Vertical Garden – Main Details

Vertical gardens can be set up in any corner of your home as long as it presents the ideal conditions for growing the plants as they have basic needs for their survival. A good tip is to mount a living wall on the balcony, in your living room or maybe even in the kitchen. The living walls help to control the sun’s energy and also reduce the effects of carbon emission.

A very important detail for those who are going to set up a vertical garden at home is to remember that you cannot choose plant species of medium or large size since the structure you will use does not allow much weight, without forgetting to mention the fact that all plants must be grown in pots, planters or special plates, such as those formed from coconut fiber.

Type of Plants for a Vertical Garden

Just below we will detail better what should be planted in your garden, but first we need to pay attention to some details in general when choosing the species, because we cannot offer a list of all possible plants for a vertical garden. Taking that as a basis, we now have some details that you can use to globalize your plantation.

Choose plants that grow more slowly. That way you will be able to better control your garden.

Choose the correct position of your base so that the plants receive sufficient sunlight. Organize them so that they have exactly what they need nutrients.

Order your plants according to their growth and the need for light. This will make them grow without “running over” the one below, above or on the sides.

What Should Be Planted?

There is every kind of taste and you can choose the plants according to yours. Vertical gardens allow a variety of plants in cultivation as long as they do not exceed the size and weight of their base. Plants with shallower roots are best for these spaces because you will not be able to use very large pots.

If your base is armed and fixed, as is the case with people who use precast concrete blocks to place the plants, you can use slightly larger plants depending on the size of your structure. A little further down, we chose three species that can be grown in vertical gardens.

Snake Beard: Scientifically this plant receives the name of Ophiopogon jaburan, a species of the Ruscaceae family native to the Asian continent where its greatest incidence is in Japan. Since it is also found in other locations it will present other popular names such as Ofiopógão and Ofiopogo. The snake beard is a plant categorized as covering and foliage, which is why it is so suitable for vertical gardens. Its size is not large reaching a maximum of half a meter. They prefer environments with more sun.

Pearl Necklace: With the scientific name of Senecio rowleyanus, this plant from the Asteraceae family is also popularly called Rosary and Green Pearl both in its place of origin, in Africa, and in other countries around the world. Categorized as foliage and cactus, it does not exceed 30 centimeters in height and can be grown in hanging pots because of its fallen leaves.

Canhota Flower: Scaevola aemula as it is biologically called this plant is one of the species of the Goodeniaceae family and is categorized as a perennial flower, which means that you will have a vertical flowering garden all year round. Its origin is from Oceania where the highest incidence of this flower occurs in Australia. Like other plants suitable for vertical gardens it does not grow much, reaching a maximum of half a meter in height.

Cheap Vertical Garden

The best way to save money when setting up your vertical garden is to use pet bottles to make your structure. In that case you will not need any pots and will grow the plants directly on them. You can choose pots that fit inside the bottles to have the possibility to change the plants whenever you want and without disturbing the structure of its base, but this is quite optional.

To assemble your structure you will need soda or juice bottles, preferably those of 2 liters or larger because they are large enough to accommodate your plants. If you are going to plant directly in the bottle, wash them well to remove all the dirt from the product and cut out the center. It will be exactly the size of a seedling or smaller vase. To assemble the structure, you can tie the plastic bottles on ropes or buy an iron screen, which is found in garden stores and costs very little.

Once you have the whole structure assembled, you can use and abuse your creativity and set up your vertical garden. You can decorate the ropes or the iron structure to camouflage them better, you can use paint on plastic bottles and make them look even more beautiful or buy small decorative items that can be fixed between one plant or another.

To make this structure you will not spend anything more than 100 reais including the iron structure, bottles and vases (if you want). The value of the plants is quite relative, but you can have several species without having to spend anything on them just by asking for a seedling or seed from the gardens of friends or that garden near your home.

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