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How can I make a star out of wood?

How can I make a star out of wood?



Especially in the Christmas season, the stars are very popular among all kinds of decorative items. In the role of Christmas decorations and as a Christian symbol, a star is usually placed on the top of the Christmas tree. Nowadays, traditional Christmas star decorations can be interpreted in a variety of creative ways. Stars made of different materials decorate not only the green Christmas tree, but also the walls, the entrance door, the windows, the tables and even the Christmas presents. What makes them so popular for decorating are the numerous craft ideas. Today we’re going to show you a few creative ways of making a star out of wood.

the star as a DIY decorative item and winter motif for Christmas


stylish star decoration ideas made of solid wood

Christmas and rustic decorating with stars from branches


DIY star made of parquet

Now you will learn how to make a giant star. For this craft idea you have to get a large wooden board (1.2mx 1.2m) and cut an arrow template from cardboard. To make the template, first cut off a piece of 120 x 120cm cardboard. Using a ruler, draw a center line to split the square in half. From below the beginning of the line, measure 24cm upwards and mark the spot with a dot. Then from the same starting point measure 35cm to the left and right, along the edge of the square. Once you have marked these two points, connect all three points with lines so that an isosceles triangle has formed. Measure 82cm from the top of the triangle and mark the spot with another point. Then connect that point to both points at the bottom of the square and you will get an arrow. This is your template.

How can I make a star out of wood?

To trace the star on the wooden board, also divide the board by means of a vertical center line and center the arrow template on it with the point upwards. As soon as you have drawn the arrow outline, turn the template to the left so that the lower left tip of the arrow fits into the lower right tip of the already drawn outline. Trace the second contour. Use a cordless jigsaw to cut the star figure out of the wooden panel. Then place the chosen boards next to each other until you have enough space for the wooden star. Draw the star contour on it and cut off each board according to the contour lines. Finally glue the boards to the wooden board and let them dry.

Instructions for DIY parquet star

Decorate the sideboard with DIY Christmas stars made of wood

Wooden stars as an elegant wall decoration and a suitable accent for a rustic hallway design

Easily design accent walls with DIY wooden stars

original decoration idea with self-made star wall lights

DIY wooden star as a Christmas decoration

The stars are one of the most popular winter motifs for festive Christmas decorations. In addition to shining jewelry for the Christmas tree, we can also make them out of wood to give our Christmas tree an authentic rustic look. Here you will learn how you can easily make small wooden stars yourself. For this you need wire, ribbon and of course a wooden board at least 1.3 cm thick, which can be new or from an old pallet.

Make wooden stars as Christmas decorations

First, print out the diamond template (scaled to 100%), cut out the pattern and trace it five times on the wooden board. Then cut the wood diamonds with a saw and drill small holes through each piece of wood. Pull a piece of wire through two adjacent holes. Simply tighten and tie the wire.

Set the table festively and decorate with stars on a wooden stick

DIY star cutout made of wood

Another creative craft idea for DIY wooden star as a wall decoration is cutting out a star shape. Here you will need wooden boards as well as a plywood board, wood glue, countersunk nails, sandpaper, stain.

Step 1: Cut a 50x50cm sheet of plywood and wooden boards of the same length. How many boards you will need depends on the width of the boards. In the example 5 boards with a width of 10 cm are used.

Step 2: glue the wooden boards to the plywood board and let them dry overnight. It’s best to put something heavy on top.

other creative wall decoration and craft idea for star made of wood

Step 3: Print the star template, scaled to 170%, and place it in the center of the square of boards. Use a ruler to draw the extension lines of the template on the boards. With a large drill bit, drill a hole through each inner line of the star to cut out the star shape with jigsaw.

Step 4: Once you have made the star cutout, glue the wooden frame onto it. For the frame, have 4 mitered wooden slats cut. The next day you can also attach the individual boards with countersunk nails. Smooth out rough edges and bumps with sandpaper before staining the star cutout.

wonderful winter decoration with self-made stars from flat wooden sticks

Cover the wooden star with string for a rustic look of the star decoration

DIY star made from wooden balls

A wooden star can also be quickly made from wooden balls. For this creative and simple decoration you simply need wire and 48 wooden balls of the same size with a hole.

Decorate the wall and Christmas tree creatively with stars from wooden balls

Step 1: Cut an approx. 1 meter long piece of wire and thread 6 wooden balls onto it. To form a circle, thread the wire through all the balls again and pull tight. A long piece of wire must be left here;

Step 2: Now thread five beads (7, 8,9,10 and 11) one after the other, pulling the wire through ball No. 10 again. Then add two more wooden beads (12 and 13) and pull the piece of wire through ball # 7 again and then through # 2 to form the second star point. Repeat step 2 until you gave all 5 points of the star made.

Step 3: finally tighten everything again and tie the two wire ends.

Wooden stars as door and window decorations

Christmas fireplace decoration idea with homemade wooden stars


a beautiful star made of wood is also suitable decoration for outside

Especially in the Christmas season, the stars are very popular among all kinds of decorative items. In the …




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