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Homemade Garden Decoration

Homemade garden decorations – 53 ideas for chandeliers and other hanging decorations in the garden design

Homemade garden decorations – 53 ideas for chandeliers and other hanging decorations in the garden design



Any atypical design and decoration ideas find their right place in the garden. Both extravagant ideas and funny and unexpected ideas fit here. The garden represents a wide space, where you can combine different garden elements as you like and create garden designs to admire. You can also create a fancy garden look by including a chandelier in the garden design or by integrating interesting hanging decorations into your exterior design. You will not regret it! Because decoration gives the garden that certain something!

Isn’t that a wonderful idea how to turn the garden into a wonderful place!

The homemade garden decoration is a wonderful solution for the outdoor area. This is the easiest and most expressive way to give the garden its own character. Even an unusable chandelier gives you the opportunity to put creative handicraft ideas into practice. There are actually numerous objects and materials available to you to design your dream garden.

That is the topic for us today – how to make garden decorations with old candlesticks and unusable objects.

Tinker unusual plant containers

Do you have old, no longer usable candlesticks in your home? Instead of getting rid of these, it would be much better to keep and use them again! You would certainly ask: But how? As a plant container, of course! Didn’t it occur to you that a candlestick can function as a plant container in the garden? You will even fall in love with this one! In the following picture gallery it is shown how to mount suitable vessels instead of lightbulbs, so that unique plant containers are created. Your garden will look completely different! …

Red chandelier plant container quickly becomes the focus of garden design

Be creative with your garden decorations!

Creative ideas for a chandelier in the garden

A chandelier would create a very specific atmosphere in your outdoor area! Integrate a chandelier into the garden design or make an unusual chandelier yourself and you will feel the difference! Bring a can of old-time glamor to your outdoor area with a chandelier! Use your imagination, because numerous designs are possible here! The examples below prove it!

With the help of surfaces you can make a unique chandelier that can also be decorated with blooming garden flowers

Tinker a chandelier yourself

Master other hanging garden decorations yourself

The hanging decoration brings a unique fresh flair to the outside area. If you want to add some romance in the garden, such decorations are great for it! There are a number of other items that can be used to create beautiful DIY projects in the garden. Gorgeous hanging decorations could also be made using mason jars, lightbulbs, bottles, baskets and even old items like pipes and car tires. Try it yourself! You will surely be surprised yourself!

Isn’t that a fantastic decorating idea ?!

Bring a rustic touch to the garden

Tubes could make wonderful plant containers for the succulents

Reuse an old car tire and use it as a planter

Hang up a mason jar as a flower pot

Light bulbs as a hanging decoration? Why not?!

A garden needs something beautiful in order to develop its full potential as a great place to relax! So take garden decoration seriously! Such a beautifully decorated outdoor area attracts everyone’s attention! And the best thing about it is that you have no limits when it comes to garden decoration! Just be creative!

If the garden decoration is homemade, make sure that your garden has its own character. Different objects like candlesticks are suitable.



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