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Garden Design Ideas

Gardens: ideas, landscaping and images

Gardens: ideas, landscaping and images



What makes my garden the perfect garden?

The perfect garden is one that its owners never want to leave; however, the meaning of perfection is not the same for everyone. There are thousands of ways to create different and adorable green spaces, places ready for relaxation and fun with friends. Generally, a good garden tends to be designed around making the most of its space. The magic usually lies in making an optimal game of flowers and, therefore, of colors. Another essential factor is the use of comfortable and aesthetic furniture to decorate your natural paradise; which can be minimalist or a little more classic. The most important thing to keep in mind is that, when designing your Eden, you have a clear style to which you go hand in hand with creativity and good taste.

Where can I find ideas for garden designs?

You don’t have to go to garden design experts or television shows to get ideas about what style you want to give your space. Instead, homify has created a simple way to explore thousands of different styles of oasis at once, with the intention of inspiring our readers. All you have to do is search the homify spaces, click on the “Gardens” section and let yourself be hypnotized by the thousands of possibilities that exist. If you want, you can also add these inspiring images to your own idea book –which will be made to measure- so that you can return to your favorites whenever you want. An ideas book will also allow you to make notes regarding the images that you find so as not to forget what it was that captivated you about them.

What can I do with my garden?

What you do with your space will depend, to a large extent, on your own imagination; At homify we will always recommend that you let your creativity fly and that you give it wings, to the extent that this is possible. However, it is a fact that patios or vegetation tend to have certain elements in common, such as: in all of them you must choose an optimal combination of plants. You should make sure if you prefer tropical plants and, in essence, more exotic that give a specific style evoking a remote place or if you prefer to include other types of plants closer to home. Among the preferred choices in terms of trends is the development of fish ponds, as well as fountains, stones in various sizes, comfortable sofas, decks and terraces; in short, the possibilities are endless. Thus, you will be the one who has the last word according to your tastes and preferences. If you are one of those who loves to make barbecue, then having a grill in your outdoor areas will be vital for you; If you are passionate about outdoor parties, then you should have several chairs for your guests and so on.

How can I create a functional space?

The most important thing to keep in mind when designing your space is to understand the purpose you want it to fulfill. You must define if what you want to do there is throw parties, do events for children or create a place for relaxation. In this way, taking into account the end, you will find the way. Understanding the function of the space will help you decide if you require, for example, a swimming pool or not or a pond or not. If what you want is a space to escape, resorting to a greater use of plants and flowers will help you acquire that harmony of being in contact with nature. You should be very clear about the hours of sunshine, the shadows that are generated throughout the day and their location in order to make better decisions regarding the location of objects and plants. Leave the sunny areas to nature and, if you want, create covered spaces to be able to be outdoors while you protect yourself from the inclement sun.

Why is fencing my garden a good idea?

You don’t need to be a gardening expert to actually fence your exteriors. This may not be the most glamorous aspect in the middle of garden design, but it is nevertheless often necessary when it comes to protecting our plants. The idea is not that our flowers end up being the property of the neighbor; For that and many other things, it is very important to design a good fence. Fortunately, there are multiple styles and forms of fencing that are packed with style and aesthetic materials. If what you want is privacy then we recommend you go to a fence made for you.

How can I start planning my garden?

Thorough planning is key to achieving -successfully- having a well-designed space. Remember that turning to homify for ideas and inspiration will always be a good way to understand what you want and to start your meticulous planning process. Here you can even go to expert horticulturists who will explain which plants are best for the type of climate and conditions in which you find yourself; On the other hand, expert landscapers will be able to offer you guides and recommendations to make your natural oasis look its best. If you are one of those who lead a very busy pace of life, an optimal and rigorous planning of your vegetation will save you a lot of time, costs, errors and even maintenance. If you choose the right plants, they will not only look beautiful but will also require less care as they are in an ideal habitat.

In what way can I highlight the decoration of my garden?

Naturally, there are thousands of ways to decorate your exteriors to make them look great; The first thing is then to explore your options in order to choose the ideal objects and accessories to give a certain style to which you are aiming. Being able to sit down is crucial for those who plan to entertain friends or invite a large group of family members; so, it is important that you choose the right sofas and chairs, based on their aesthetics and comfort. Remember that, in hot climates, resorting to fountains, ponds or water channels will always be a fun and relaxing way to decorate your space. Another great decorative object are the sculptures, which you can choose to your liking and according to your preferences. Remember that garden decoration is an art.

What ideas are there for patios, decks and garden decks?

The key to success is knowing how to balance natural spaces full of grass, plants and life with those spaces to sit and be delighted by the landscape. In this order of ideas, patios and terraces are great ideas to achieve that aforementioned balance. A deck, well used, can be the perfect place to make a gradual transition between our interiors and our exteriors. Remember that making use of wood (in all its presentations) will make your patio or terrace look much better and, again, much more transitional. However, another good idea is to turn to stone surfaces or even gravel if space allows.

What furniture can I put in my garden?

Choose chairs, sofas and armchairs that complement and maintain the style that you have already defined as a priority; however, always keep in mind its materials and durability. It will always be better to resort to long-lasting materials such as, for example, steel which, in addition to being resistant, looks beautiful. The above will ensure that your green area not only looks attack but, added to this, it will make it much safer. If your intention is to get the most out of the sun’s rays, then we recommend you to strategically locate a comfortable and relaxing hammock in the light area; Likewise, you can place your furniture in the sunniest areas. Armchairs and rocking chairs are always a good and romantic option, especially if the style you want to evoke is classic or vintage. The key will lie in knowing how to surround, wisely, your comfortable furniture by nature and more by nature. It may be necessary to consult an expert to find out what type of flowers will best suit your style according to your furniture and decorative objects but also according to the climatic conditions of your home. Remember that not only flowers are worth it, but also tall trees that can provide shade at certain times of the day.

What other inspiring garden ideas are there?

For some people, the patio and its flora can be the chosen place to extract fruits and vegetables that will later be taken to the kitchen. If you are one of them, it is not bad to think about the idea of ​​creating an herb garden through which you can enhance your dishes. In case the weather allows it, grow rich fruits with which to stock your table when having a great breakfast. Another idea could be to build sheds in which to store your tools. You can also create exciting recreational additions like a pool or tree house for your kids to play with all day. In essence, the best and most inspiring ideas will eventually spring from your own creativity if you only dare to dream.

What types of gardens are there?

Natural gardens

These are getting more and more popular in our times. This type of plant oasis requires that you choose a selection of flowers that in terms of color match and that adapt to the conditions of your terrain. If done right, this type of “garden” can require very little maintenance in terms of watering. Remember, also, that in this way you can contribute to our environment.

Modern gardens

Modern gardens tend to be meticulously planned based on the fencing, space, shape, and location of the area. In general, they are schematically segmented by marked and strategically delimited divisions. These divisions range from seating areas to areas full of nature and areas suitable for contemporary decoration. This is how things are, and in the midst of modernity, order and visual hierarchies will always prevail here.

Rock gardens

Rock is and will always be an easy, practical and aesthetic material with which to decorate your exterior floors or make beautiful paths. You can use stones of all sizes and colors and they will always look great and very elegant. Remember that you should not water the stones, which makes your maintenance costs drop notoriously. If you like the idea, we recommend you access our images of gardens and get a little more inspiration.

Zen gardens

A Zen garden seeks relaxation and extreme harmony, inviting contemplation and the delight of all our senses. This should include, therefore, from comfortable sofas in light and peaceful tones such as white and beige to fountains and streams of a therapeutic crystalline water and much, much nature.

Spa gardens

The latter also seek relaxation but from a more technological scope, resorting, for example, to jacuzzis and saunas. It all depends on our budget and, of course, on our intentions. If we want our space to become Eden, being a place of escape from work stresses, conflicts and problems of all kinds, then it is time to turn it into our own home spa.

Vertical gardens

Many times we do not have much space or too many square meters to give life to our vegetation and that is when we must resort to a beautiful vertical garden. Allow one -or several- of your walls to be filled with plants, life and nature. We assure you that there is no home that does not look good on a wall beautifully adorned with green. Have you already been in contact with imposing vertical gardens?

Here you can find photos with interior design ideas. Get inspired!



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