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GARDEN | the new fireplace and lighting concept in the garden – mxliving

GARDEN | the new fireplace and lighting concept in the garden – mxliving



This post contains advertising for the garden lighting system Plug & Shine from PAULMANN. A larger project in the garden has now been completed and I am a little proud and happy that we have completed another point on the long list: the fireplace is ready! We already had a sunken area with wall panels created for the new garden, which can be reached via a few steps. So far we have often been asked whether this should become a pool or what we are up to. It was actually only a little gravel heaped up so far, a fire bowl stood around in the middle. What was missing was a comfortable bench and of course the perfect lighting concept in the garden. Now that we finally had the brilliant idea of ​​how we want to design the area, we could start.

The new fireplace

We discovered the teak benches by chance and then looked for the right dimensions from the modular system. Since we wanted to install the benches firmly on the wall in a U-shape, the length had to be adjusted a little. Now it was time to bring the benches to the wall. For each bench, three metal angles were anchored in the wall washers with stainless steel screws. We then aligned the benches and screwed them down accordingly. For aesthetic reasons, a foot was installed at both ends. The result is a floating appearance that can be perfectly illuminated. We had already installed an external socket down here when the horticulturist had completed the sunken area. The only thing missing was the right lights.

The right lights for outdoors

With the Plug & Shine garden lighting system from Paulmann, there are endless possibilities. Installation is quick and easy, the individual lamps are screwed directly to the series’ absolutely waterproof cables. You only have to determine the lengths of the cables beforehand, which are then connected to the separately available power supply unit. And of course hide the supply lines a little. This was done quickly thanks to our gravel surface. The lights can then also be dimmed using controllers that are connected in between, so that a perfect lighting atmosphere is ensured. Only the short range of the remote control of 15 m is a minor drawback. However, since we have connected the external socket to the in-house bus system, the lights will come on automatically every evening.

To illuminate the entire area over a large area, we opted for two floor lights from the Plug & Shine series that radiate at a 180 ° angle and were placed under the benches on the right and left. The entire floor is thus illuminated. We have dimmed the two lights so that there is only a soft glimmer of light. Nothing stands in the way of cozy evenings with our friends around the fire. And the area also looks really good.

Even without a fire, you can relax wonderfully here and the benches offer enough space for many guests. A few side tables would be very useful, on which you can put drinks. We’ll take care of that later. The square poufs create a nice flair and are ideal ottoman. Our benches are wide enough to relax with a book.

The illuminated column garden

For the perfect lighting concept in the garden, it makes sense to create several islands of light that illuminate the outer areas of the garden as much as possible and thus create more space. Different lights and different heights of the light sources provide atmospheric light. Beautiful trees in particular can be wonderfully staged with a single spot. Now we wanted to illuminate our colonnaded garden nicely. Unfortunately we did not put any electricity in this area of ​​the garden, so that we have faced a small problem so far.

The Plug & Shine system opened up completely new possibilities. From the fireplace we were able to bring the electricity to exactly where we needed it with appropriately long cables. So that no cables are visible afterwards, we had to come up with something to overcome the curb stones. After we had drilled so many holes in our wall panels to assemble the benches, one more or less didn’t matter anymore. And so the landlord put the hammer drill on again and drilled through the curb.

Through this hole we then laid a cable underneath the path that leads to our colonnaded garden and supplies the small Paulmann Plantini spots with electricity. The cables then disappear under the gravel.

Implement the lighting concept in the garden

Installation was very easy. The cable outlets are first placed in the places where the lamps will be installed afterwards. Each Plantini has a connection cable that is simply plugged onto the supply cable and then screwed. The cables are very solid and still absolutely flexible.

We have now fixed the small spots with the integrated floor plugs in front of the pillars in the floor. The exact angle can also be set afterwards and adjusted at any time. Then cover the cables generously with gravel. And now you have to wait until it finally gets dark! The result is really impressive.

And again a project in the garden is finished. We still have a lot of plans and will definitely implement one or the other idea in the next few years! And light will definitely play a major role again and again.

What’s on your to-do list right now?

Our fireplace has now finally been completed and the lighting concept implemented in the garden. Child’s play with the Paulmann Plug & Shine system!




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