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Garden Landscaping

Garden pool – garden design with swimming pool

Garden pool – garden design with swimming pool



Garden pool – space for many magical moments

Every day the world around us seems to get smaller. We get information about the things that are going on around us faster and faster. The means of production are always more flexible. Technologies are always more inventive. Cultures flow together and many new styles emerge from this.

More and more secrets are revealed.

Garden pool – the private retreat

The desire to have a well-equipped yard has a lot to do with the longing for peace and quiet. You want to withdraw and find your own peace and relaxation. One strives to establish a closer connection with nature, to achieve calm and comfortable life.

People like to come up with ideas that can be implemented in the courtyard. So you have a small swimming pool in the countryside, which you could compare with a lake in the middle of a green meadow.

Solutions that correspond to the environment

Often you create a garden pool in places where you have a great view of the water landscape. We mean houses that are located somewhere on the coast or near a beautiful lake or river. This is a very successful strategy that has been tested in practice in order to incorporate the effect of the wonderful landscape into the interior.

Good planning and use of modern technologies

It is becoming increasingly important to plan a garden very well. You should use as many modern technologies as possible. These should make enjoying the experience around the garden pool much nicer. But we don’t mean being “arbitrary” or celebrating like that. Everything has to make sense and bespoke solutions are the order of the day. Also, be aware of the mechanisms and especially the current when it comes to contact with water.

Garden pool and other elements for relaxation

Take a look at the two pictures above. Isn’t there everything here that you can use for complete relaxation? It has a beautiful garden pool with a small waterfall. There is also an open corner with lots of great technical equipment. There is a sauna and jacuzzi in the spa area. Natural elements such as a tree would also be of fundamental importance in this case, so that one actually feels quite comfortable.

Concrete, wood, natural stone …

These are the most common elements that are used to set up the garden pool area. They are distributed on the floor, on the walls, on the furniture. The combination of these is harmonious. If you want, it can also provide a lot of great contrasts. It is important that you achieve the desired color of the water with the right covering.

Natural environment

Built-in swimming pool in the back yard

Classic design

Fresh natural prospects

Confidential and compact swimming area

Luxury and elegance demonstrated by high quality pieces

Exotic infinity pool

Three different pool designs for outdoors

Glass walls and geometric shape

Every day the world around us seems to get smaller. We get information about the things that happen around us faster and faster




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