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Garden lights made from watering cans

Garden lights made from watering cans



Our watering cans are the ideal example of successful misappropriation and successful upcycling. Because unused items do not necessarily have to be disposed of. All you need is a little creativity and manual dexterity.

Fasten the opposite side in the same way. Here we have used the point where the grommet would otherwise be attached.

The more, the more colorful. The garden lights made from watering cans look really great in many colors and put together in several. Since you have to reckon with a maximum of one hour of work for a jug, a larger balcony lighting is also done quickly. If provided with a metal chain, it can even be turned into hanging lights. When shopping, make sure that all products (LED lights, plugs, rubber cables) are suitable for outdoor use.

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Build garden lights

Checklist tool wire stripper

Ferrule pliers

Cordless drill

Side cutter


In addition to the LED outdoor light, the colorful watering cans and the rubber cable, a few tools are necessary. In order to be able to hang the lights later, you can buy link chains in specialist shops. These are particularly robust and can withstand the weather. So that the watering cans do not turn into dangerous projectiles in a storm, do not only fix the power cable with the link chain, but also look for an eye in the wall to additionally attach the garden lights made of watering cans there.

Pretty hanging from colorful watering cans. Photo: sidm / DW

-Ideas for the

Whether watering can, planter or bench – every object is theoretically suitable for upcycling. It is only important that you have a concrete idea beforehand that can be implemented. In our upcycling ideas, we mainly have a lot of bright colors. For example, simple white benches can be prettied up or wine boxes can be transformed into colorful eye-catchers in the garden. But we also have some ideas that give old furniture a completely new function. There are no limits to creativity.

Source: special issue 6/2016

Our colorful garden lights made from watering cans are the ideal example of successful upcycling. We have the instructions



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