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Make Garden Decorations Yourself

Garden decorations and garden decorations simply do it yourself VBS Hobby

Garden decorations and garden decorations simply do it yourself VBS Hobby



When the days get warmer, you are drawn to the garden again. You can also add colorful highlights with homemade decorations. With these lanterns you have a nice eye-catcher both during the day and in the evening.

Required material:

• Scissors / pliers


When working with the colors, you should always hold the bottle as vertical as possible and shake the color towards the nozzle in between. This prevents air from entering the nozzle and causing paint splatter.

Step 1: prepare wooden sticks

There is actually not much to consider with the wooden sticks. All you have to do is brush them with the acrylic paint and let them dry. If you like, you can also sharpen the strips at the bottom so that you can put them better in the ground later.

If the edges are too rough, you may need to re-sand the wood.

Step 2: decorate the lanterns

You can decorate the screw jars to your heart’s content. Always put some hot glue on the respective mosaic stone and then press it onto the glass. Always make sure that you do not touch the glue directly with your fingers.

If you don’t want to stick on it spontaneously, you can also draw a rectangle (approx. 22 x 7 cm) on paper and arrange the stones there first. This gives you the certainty that your idea can be implemented without any problems. Then glue on stone by stone.

You also have the option of crushing the mosaic stones in order to then work with the fragments. You can use scissors or pliers for this. It was easier for me with the pliers. Gluing the fragments on is of course a bit more risky because the areas are smaller. So be careful here that you don’t get burned.

Step 3: glue the strips on

Once the screw-top jars have been decorated, the last thing you do is glue the wooden sticks to the jars. To do this, first put a large blob of glue on the underside and then press the stick on until it sticks. Then spread more glue generously around the stick so that it has a firmer hold.

Once the glue has cooled down, the lanterns are ready for use. Simply stick it in the ground, insert lanterns and the garden decoration is ready.



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