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Homemade Garden Decoration

Garden decoration made by children – 4 simple instructions

Garden decoration made by children – 4 simple instructions



The gardening season has officially started with the great Easter days and every ray of sunshine is enjoyed outdoors. But it still takes a while until everything is in bloom and one or the other corner in the garden could use some color. Because the children also like to be kept busy on the side, today I will show you 4 very easy craft ideas with which you as a family can conjure up wonderful decorations for the garden.

I am not a fan of getting loads of material for every handicraft and find it more exciting to think of something for the existing handicraft utensils or to collect necessary things in nature. Our materials are quite extensive, but every now and then one or the other new acquisition cannot be avoided.

I have therefore added a small list of the materials required for each idea

Gnome door

You may already know the door to the imp, dwarf or fairy world from the Christmas season. When I was recently working in the garden, I found a corner that is simply made to serve as an entrance to the magical world. And so the little daughter and I conjured up 2 small doors.

It just needs

Think about the shape of your door. Now you brush on the desired number of wooden handles in your favorite color.

As you can see, everyone has their own idea of ​​a door into the realm of fairies and goblins. After the stems have dried, you glue everything together with the hot glue gun and decorate with fabric flowers and in no time at all you have created something magical with your child.

This handicraft is ideal to bridge a rainy day. Despite the drying time, it goes very quickly and the children can master almost everything on their own, depending on their age. Alternatively, you can of course also decorate directly with material from the garden – e.g. Ivy tendrils, moss, flowers, bark, stones, twigs, etc.

Wind chime ring

My daughter really likes things colorful. So the next handicraft had already scored at this point. Various handicrafts come together here and can either be done in one day or in several stages.

Get ready

We started with my daughter threading pearls on wire. The length can be implemented individually and may also vary from one another. Likewise, you can always leave gaps in the wire to get long decorative wires even with few pearls.

You can leave the pearl ribbons straight or shape them a little, e.g. as a spiral. Basically, this is a cute handicraft that you can hang as a splash of color in trees and bushes.

But we have something else in mind. For that you need

a ring (e.g. Hulahoop tires, old wagon wheel, old bicycle rim, twisted wreath of twigs or wire, …)

Fabric ribbons or other gift ribbons

possibly to decorate feathers *

and artificial flowers *

your pearl wires


The work steps are very simple and yet they create a great effect later. Start by cutting your fabric ribbons into pieces. Here, too, you decide for yourself how long you want the ribbons to hang down at the end. Now your child can simply tie the ribbons around the whole ring. In between, the threaded pearls are also incorporated. Once everything is in place, cut 3 pieces of wire of the same length and always attach them to the ring at the same distance and then attach the other ends all together in the middle. Here you bend an eyelet right away, which later makes it easier to hang up.

Then we hung up the ring in the living room and added ribbons to it. In addition, we couldn’t stop ourselves and glued fabric flowers to the tire and the daughter attached a few feathers. And now it turns and swings magically in the garden and the child dances and turns underneath like a little elf.

Bee hotel bed plug

This handicraft is not only beautiful and relatively easy, but also really useful.

All you need are

empty tin can



Masking tape * or masking tape

Foam rubber *

Pipe cleaner *

Plastic lids for fruit or vegetable bowls

To start with, remove the label from the can and spray it all around with primer. Then you cover the strips for the bee with the adhesive tape. Start by painting the yellow stripes in 2 layers, then carefully peel off the tape and let the can dry well first. Unfortunately, our adhesive tape was very adhesive, which even peeled off some of the primer. If everything is dry, the yellow stripes are taped off and the black is applied. You loosen the tape again after the second layer and now repair any unsightly areas. You can of course also use spray paint for a much cleaner result, but our daughter simply has a lot more fun applying the paint with a brush, which means we weren’t looking for a perfect result.

Our bee should of course also have a cute face. To do this, you or your child simply cut 2 larger circles out of the white foam rubber and 2 smaller black ones. Glued together and attached to the can, our bee is already looking very nicely at the world. We glued on a mouth from the rest of the white circles.

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The empty plastic lid is folded once in the middle and glued to the can with hot glue. You also attach a pipe cleaner as a feeler. Of course, you don’t have to insist on the appropriate colors. If you don’t have any black and yellow acrylic paint or pipe cleaner or foam rubber for your eyes, you can invent your very own little beetle and make it colorful with the available material. Wings can also be easily bent from wire, eyes can also be attached with crown caps, feelers with 2 nails. Just use things that are there before you spend a lot of money on new material.

Now you either bring your bee on a wooden stick or make a wire to hang it on and off you go to bed or to a tree.

If you want your bees to still be useful, you put hollow sticks or pieces of wood into the inside of the box, in which you drill appropriate holes and soon the first real bees will feel very comfortable with you and the little builders of this beehive can be excited watch.

You and your child can find detailed information about the insect hotel here: Pflanzen/insekten-und-spinnen/hautfluegler/bienen/13704.html


This quick handicraft is versatile and also a wonderful gift for grandma and grandpa or maybe for Mother’s Day.

You and your child just need

empty jars (for hanging it should be screw jars so that there is a rim at the top under which the wire can later be attached)

Acrylic pens *


There isn’t too much to say here. Just let your child paint the glasses freely. We absolutely love the acrylic pens. In contrast to chalk pens, they cannot simply be wiped away, which makes them wonderfully suitable for outdoor use. Nevertheless, it is no problem to wash them off with normal cleaning.

After everything is nicely painted, you can think about how you want to use the glasses.


hanging in trees or on hooks in the garden

standing on the floor or the table

as a vase

as a lantern

Draped individually or as a group

There are so many possibilities. While I was painting, I also decided that my daughter would occasionally paint glasses for her table decorations for the school introduction and that they would be on the tables with tea lights and bouquets of flowers.

Would you like the glasses e.g. When hanging vases hang in the trees, you bend a ring around your glass made of solid wire, which gets 2 eyelets and there is another long piece of wire as a suspension.

I hope the handicrafts have inspired you and made you want to start right away as a family. I have a few more ideas in mind that I would like to implement gradually. If you liked these 4 instructions shown and you are interested in more craft ideas, then please leave a message and write what you have already tinkered with your children for the garden.

Do you already know our instructions for great stepping stones in the garden?

Or the homemade lanterns?

Have a look through the Mamahoch2 pinterest page and be happy to note today’s instructions.

Until then, I wish you all a lot of fun doing handicrafts as a family

your Sandra

I will show you 4 simple and sometimes quick ideas on how you can make beautiful garden decorations with your child yourself. Let’s go out!



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