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Garden Art Easel Idea Gallery

Garden Art Easel Idea Gallery



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Garden art easels provide a creative way to display plants, garden decorations, or garden art in your outdoor space. This gallery shares ideas from home gardens.

If you are ready to get crafty, this shows my recommended garden art supplies for making just about anything.

Creative Garden Art Easels

It’s funny to watch how garden art ideas (or creative ideas of any kind, really) spread. Prior to the internet, it was a slower process, via word of mouth, garden tours, books, and magazines. Today, you can see the same ideas popping up all over the globe within days or weeks of one another.

I started noticing garden art easels about ten years ago. I think the trend has waned since then as most I see now are quite weathered (as we like them). And you’ll notice most of these photos are older too.

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1 Rustic Gem

This first one is a favorite with Empress of Dirt readers. I photographed it on a garden tour many years ago.

Made from old snake fence rails, this is rustic elegance at its finest. The red geraniums are the perfect touch.

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I love the design of this one: notice how the faux planter box is behind the easel and the birdhouse is out front. Works nicely.

2 Nursery School Art Easel

I got this chalkboard art easel free at the side of the road. I knew I had no place for it in the house but instead recruited it as a plant stand and place to list menus when we have family over for meals on the patio.

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3 Picture Frame Easel

A really simple way to make a garden art easel is to take an existing art easel and add a picture frame to it. I think this is my favorite effect—where the art is really the garden and the easel just frames it.

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4 Flower Box Easel

Here’s another one from a garden tour. The easel is made from what looks like slender cedar branches. The picture frame is assembled from raw lumber with mitered corners and a rustic planter box completes it. This is a sweet way to add a burst of blooms to any part of the garden that needs a little pizzazz.

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5 Simple Garden Art Easel

This photo is from years ago, confirming my hunch that these easels have been around for years.

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6 DIY Garden Art Easel

Afew readers of the Empress of Dirt newsletter have requested instructions for making a simple garden art easel.

Each person said they do not have access to old pieces of fence rail or weather wood and instead requested that I come up with something using simple 2x4s from the lumber store. They also said they don’t own many tools so please keep it simple.

Her Majesty has fulfilled your wishes.

Here’s what I came up with. It cost $10 to make and took about an hour plus painting time. Watch for free instructions in an upcoming post.

Here’s a close up of the frame. I designed it so that it easily holds flower pots plus you can display pictures, mirrors, or whatever floats your wheelbarrow.

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~Melissa the Empress of Dirt ♛

A photo gallery showing creative ideas for using easels as art and planters in the garden.




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