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Furnishing in country style – country house furniture and rustic decoration ideas

Furnishing in country style – country house furniture and rustic decoration ideas



Furnishing in the English and French country house style: what are the differences?

A cozy, rural and conservative kitchen or complete home furnishings can be wonderfully furnished in a country house style. However, this style, which has become so popular in recent years, has many different variations. The clear decision for a certain one speaks for good taste and makes the design appear upscale and complete.

Two of the most preferred styles – the French and the English country house style – show a lot in common. Below we will teach you to differentiate between these.

We first describe the French country house style and then the English one according to similar criteria. We continue to make some direct comparisons in our implementation and conclude with a brief summary.

Chic country house furniture gives the room a special charm

Features of the French variant of the country house style

Earthy nuances,

Fine textiles,

Medium-sized and evenly distributed floral patterns,

Decoration with images of farm animals.

In this style there are many glamorous surfaces and great elegance. But at the same time he never loses his clear connection to life in domestic areas. This is particularly thanks to the use of mustard yellow and the warm red nuances in the interior.

Neutral color design in earthy nuances

Here we want to point out a first important difference between the two styles. Instead of red and mustard yellow, shades of purple predominate in the English variant of the country house style!

Green often appears in both variants of country-style furnishings. In the French version, it is more reminiscent of moss. In English we would define the shade more as hunter green.

In this way you create an inviting atmosphere in the entrance area

Not only the colors, but also the textiles are important when it comes to upholstered furniture. With the French variant, these must be classy, ​​formal and elegant. They are provided with floral patterns in a fairly clear order.

The textiles often represent pictorial representations, such as fountains or gardens.

With the French furniture we see rolled armrests and strips. In the English variant, the straight lines and weathered surfaces predominate.

There are many architectural elements in French country style furnishings. They are much clearer and more detailed than is the case with the English version.

Natural elements like wood look very cozy

French-style dishes show many figurative elements – for example in the form of animals and birds. The tapestry is much more pronounced there.

English rural design

Here are some of the defining characteristics of English country style interiors at a glance:

Rural furniture;

Flolar pattern;

Decorative hunting scenes.

The French elegance is replaced here by a very lively atmosphere. The house is perceived much more clearly as a place of entertainment. Worn spots or scratches on the furniture are not bad, and in some cases even desirable. They make up the character of a room.

Use floral accents

In the English furnishing style, as in French, there are some very lively representations. They show children, animals and groups of friends. While in the French style the walls are covered with birds and animals, in the English country house style these are filled with hunting scenes.

An old wooden wardrobe as an eye-catcher in the room

Kitchen furnishings in country style

Dark wood floors are very typical in both styles.

The features described are characteristic of the furnishings of the French and English kitchen styles in their mostly pure forms. However, there are more modern variants in which some of the elements appear in a stylized or very modified form. They can also be greatly reduced and presented as accents. This allows the country house style to be integrated into apartments that have a contemporary, minimalist character.

Rustic decoration ideas with flowers and pine cones

Bathroom furnishings in country style

Laying stone floors at home too

Rattan furniture is very suitable for this furnishing style

Combine modern and rustic elements

Furnishing country house style – two of the most preferred styles – the French and the English country house style show a lot in common.



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