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Free instructions: sew a snowman as a doorstop

Free instructions: sew a snowman as a doorstop



Most doorstops are practical, but often also really boring. Not so our self-made snowman! Wrapped up warm with a hat, scarf and a big belly, it reliably stops your doors. In these instructions we will show you how you can sew your own sweet doorstop in no time at all.

Size: 34 cm

To be able to sew a doorstop, you need:

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Sew a snowman as a doorstop – this is how it’s done:

————————————————– ———- 1 ————————————— ————–

Cut fabrics

From the velvet fabric in white:

1x body 50 cm wide and 35 cm high

Body 50 cm wide and 35 cm high 1x base around 16 cm Ø

From the cuffs:

1x hat 45 cm wide and 20 cm high

Hat 45 cm wide and 20 cm high 1x scarf 70 cm long and 10 cm wide

Scarf 70 cm long and 10 cm wide 1 pair of gloves

From the Vliesofix:

1 pair of gloves (see pattern)

From the felt in orange:

1 pair of noses (see pattern)

All seam allowances are already included!

————————————————– ———- 2 ————————————— ————–

Apply gloves

For the snowman gloves, first iron on the two corresponding Vliesofix cuts. To do this, place the Vliesofix gloves with the adhesive side on the left side of the fabric of the cuffed gloves and connect both parts by ironing.

————————————————– ———- 3 ————————————— ————–

Place gloves

Then pull the backing paper off the Vliesofix. Place the gloves on the cut of the body made of the Nicki fabric – left and right with a distance of 3 cm from the center front. The distance to the lower edge is 6 cm. Lay the two gloves on at a slight angle so that it later looks as if the snowman is caressing his fat belly.

————————————————– ———- 4 ————————————— ————–

Also sew on gloves

In order to additionally fasten the gloves and to decorate them with a decorative stitch, you set yourself an approx. 4 mm wide and very dense zigzag stitch. Then you surround both gloves with it. We used the marine colored sewing thread for this.

Tip: For appliqués with a decorative stitch, it is always a good idea to put some stabilizer under the back of the fabric beforehand. This makes the seam more stable and results in a more even seam appearance. This is particularly useful for elastic fabrics so that the seams do not stretch too much. The protruding embroidery backing can then simply be torn off all around afterwards.

————————————————– ———- 5 ————————————— ————–

Remove the stabilizer

When you have applied the gloves with the zigzag stitch, you can simply tear off the remains of the stabilizer.

————————————————– ———- 6 ————————————— ————–

Close dividing seams

In the next step you fold the body part in half in the middle (size: 25 cm wide, 35 cm high). The right side of the fabric is on the inside. Put the edges together and close the long edge on the side with a 1 cm seam allowance. Then iron the seam allowance apart. A tube was created from the body part, which is then later filled with granules and cotton wool. Use the white sewing thread here.

————————————————– ———- 7 ————————————— ————–

You do exactly the same for the cap made from the cuffs, except that the wrong side of the fabric is on the inside. Fold it in half (size: 22.5 cm wide, 20 cm high) and close the seam on the side with a 1 cm seam allowance. Make sure that the strips of the cuff meet. This is how a hose is created here too. Uses the navy colored sewing thread.

————————————————– ———- 8th ————————————— ————–

Sew the hat and body together

The hat and body part for the doorstop are sewn together. To do this, slide the hat part left to right over the upper edge of the body part until the cut edges are exactly the same and the dividing seams meet exactly. Then you fix everything with pins and sew the parts together with a 1 cm seam allowance. The part of the hat is stretched a little because it is 5 cm smaller than the part of the body. But that’s okay so that the “hat” hugs your head later. From here on you use the white sewing thread again.

————————————————– ———- 9 ————————————— ————–

Put the soil and body together

In the next step you divide the body part on the lower edge and the floor into quarters. To do this, first put the parts together in half and then in quarters. You mark the corner points with pins.

————————————————– ———- 10 ————————————— ————–

Sew the bottom and body part of the doorstop together

Immediately afterwards you can put the bottom and body part together, right sides together. You should definitely pay attention to the quarter markings. Then sew the bottom and body of the doorstop together with a 1 cm seam allowance. Then turn the parts so that the right side of the fabric is visible on the outside.

————————————————– ———- 11 ————————————— ————–

Fill snowman

First you fill the inside of the snowman with some granules (about two thirds of the pack). Then you fill in some cotton wool.

————————————————– ———- 12 ————————————— ————–

Shaping the body

If you think that the body is filled enough at the bottom or the belly is thick enough, then you tie off the first piece of the snowman. To do this, you push the filling together nicely so that a typical spherical snowman shape is created. Directly above it you tie off the fabric tube with the extra strong sewing thread.

————————————————– ———- 13 ————————————— ————–

Fill snowman head

Then fill in the rest of the granulate and some cotton wool directly over the bound edge. Forms a nice round head. If you are satisfied, you tie off the hose again here. This should be approx. 2 cm above the dividing seam of the body and hat. Here, too, you use the extra strong sewing thread and knot everything well.

————————————————– ———- 14 ————————————— ————–

Evert your hat and fasten it

The rest of the part of the cap, you turn inside out over your head so that it really looks like a cap. If you want, you can turn the lower edge of the hat a little in the face area. If everything is in place, attach the hat envelope to your head with a few hand stitches with marine colored thread. So nothing slips and the snowman always looks great as a doorstop.

————————————————– ———- 15 ————————————— ————–

Make and sew on the pompom

Of course you also need a pretty bobble for the hat. To do this, use the Cool Wool cap in navy and our great pompom set. We decided on a larger pompom and used the green template from the set. The set includes detailed instructions.

————————————————– ———- 16 ————————————— ————–

Sew pompom to hat

Now the pompom can be sewn onto the hat.

————————————————– ———- 17 ————————————— ————–

Iron on eye applications

Choose two of the eye applications and position them in the snowman’s face the way you like it best. If everything fits, you just iron your eyes open. If you want, you can also sew the eyes on by hand.

————————————————– ———- 18 ————————————— ————–

Prepare your nose

What would a snowman be without the typical orange nose in the shape of a carrot? To prepare the nose, put both nose pieces (you can find them in the pattern) inside out and sew the outer edges together with orange thread. Leave a small filling opening free. Through this you fill some cotton wool and then close the opening with the sewing machine.

————————————————– ———- 19 ————————————— ————–

Decorate snowman

You can then sew the nose onto your face by hand. In addition, you choose three of the stars from the button package and sew them in the middle of your stomach.

————————————————– ———- 20 ————————————— ————–

Sew a scarf

We are already slowly approaching the end – all that is missing for the perfect doorstop in the shape of a snowman is a matching scarf. First fold this in half (size: 70 cm wide, 5 cm high) and bevel the short edges a little.

————————————————– ———- 21 ————————————— ————–

Sew the scarf

Then sew the open edges together with a 0.7 cm seam allowance. Leave a turning opening of approx. 6 cm.

————————————————– ———- 22 ————————————— ————–

Turn the scarf

Turn the scarf through the opening and iron the outer edges a little flat.

————————————————– ———- 23 ————————————— ————–

Sew a snowman as a doorstop – done!

Then you wrap the scarf around the first tied off edge of the door stop, i.e. the neck. And it’s ready – your snowman with doorstop function. Wasn’t difficult, was it? It doesn’t matter whether the practical snowman is only used on doors or also on windows, the wintry journeyman always spreads a good mood.

Would you like to revise these instructions later? Then simply click on the printer symbol to save or print them out. If the document cannot be opened, you may need Adobe Reader. It can be downloaded free of charge from

Instructions: Sew a doorstop snowman



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