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Flower Pots: An Unusual Trend in Gardens (How To?)

Flower Pots: An Unusual Trend in Gardens (How To?)



Now we will talk about a trend that is not outdated but we are not used to seeing in every garden. A unique decor for large gardens, a rich design for small gardens… And here are the Flower Pots!

Gardening is a pleasure for everyone with a garden. Sometimes the editing process starts with a few chairs and tables. Later, when you say some flowers and some fruit, it takes you away. Of course, flowers are indispensable for gardens. Color by color, fragrant flowers.

The era of leaving flowers in a corner of the garden is over. Gardens are much more colorful and cheerful now. Earlier, in our article DIY: Making 3-Storey Miniature Garden with Pots, we explained a very cheerful design for your garden. Now we will include a slightly different and natural design. Here are the flower pots with flowers!

Flower Pots, Visual Source: Bored Panda

Are you excited to see the photo above? Yes, now we will explain how you can make this design, and we will examine beautiful examples. Are you familiar with these designs that give the image of gushing flowers? You can make these designs that look like the hands of master flower designers and gardeners very easily for your own garden. Just follow the instructions and follow them. The materials you need;

A large basket or a flower pot to apply the design you have in mind

Garden soil

The flowers you plan to plant


A tool you can dig the soil gently

Stones for decoration etc.

How is it done?

Visual Source: Pinterest

The first thing you need to do is decide where your design will be located. You should find a zone that gets enough air and light, where the plants can live happily. Then first visualize it and then draw your design on a piece of paper. Determine how your flowers will shed, how long the spill will be, the curves and straightness of the flow pattern.

After you decide your place and make your plan, it’s time to choose the container. If you want the container you choose to attract attention, be careful to use vibrant colors, bright colors will help you place your design in the center of your garden. If you want it to be unobtrusive, you can choose cooler colors and choose pastel tones.

If the container you choose is large, it will be a more comfortable working environment for you. For this, you can use materials compatible with your garden. Flower pots, wooden crates or cubes. It is entirely up to you. You don’t necessarily need to buy a new pot. You can evaluate a flower pot that has your home or has been forgotten in a corner of your garden. You can even evaluate broken vases. Next comes the choice of flowers.

If you wish, you can plant your flowers directly as seeds. However, this means a very long time to complete your design. If you don’t have that much patience and want to see your design right away, we recommend you buy adult flowers.

Succulent Spilled Pots, Visual Source: cats and florals

You can choose different types of flowers as well as the same flowers. However, the important point is; The need for light and of course the soil requirement of the flowers you prefer is the same. You can also put some filling material in the flower pot if you wish. These may be small pebbles or tree barks. Especially if you prefer a succulent-style plant, you should not forget about coal and pebbles.

The flowers are ready, the design is ready, the materials are all right. Next is the preparation of the garden. Let’s start with preparing our soil first. You can use a shovel or a trowel to bring the soil you aerated enough to the proper consistency. Then place a bucket or pot-like item on the ground or on the lawn. Set a support at the bottom of the pot (Stone or earth) for the flowers to fall out of course 🙂

Then fill the pot you place in a horizontal position with the soil you aerate. Then build your planned road with the soil. For this, you may need to remove your existing lawn slightly. The soil on the ground and in the bucket should be at the same level with each other. In addition, the soil in the pot should be at least 15 cm thick. Otherwise, the plants are unlikely to grow. After achieving this balance, we have reached the stage to add herbs.

Flower Pots, Visual Source: roomzaar

Before planting our flowers, we remove them from where they are without hurting their roots. After removing the excess soil in the roots, we start to sow from the tip into the bucket. While doing these operations, we plant our plants in the soil we added later and we do not drill a hole in the soil. In fact, we kind of sprinkle the plants according to our plan. In this way, we will have the chance to rearrange the points we do not like.

Add more drooping or longer plants in the middle of your path and the tip of your pot, placing the short flowers at the ends and edges will make your design look more natural and orderly.

Flower Pots, Visual Source: Pinterest

You can place this flower pot designed in a very large form with large and small stones in the most spectacular corner of your garden. Red flowers were used in the design, which preferred an earth-toned pot. Placing it at the bottom of a tree and making a path from stones adds a very sharp atmosphere.

Flower Pots, Visual Source: Pinterest

Here, a very large blue cube was used with a succulent type one. A single plant in drooping form was chosen for the design. If you want to make such a design, it is very important that the plant you will use is an adult plant.

Flower Pots, Visual Source: Zheqa

Another type of succulent was used in this design. This design, which does not use much soil and whose roots are covered with stones, is a very interesting design that can attract attention due to the color of its flowers.

Flower Pots, Visual Source: Pinterest

Here is an extremely stylish example for those who would like to use this design in homes rather than gardens. Using a pitcher and a flower pot; This design, prepared with various succulents, can be the most striking part of balconies and halls. The harmony of the plants is very important in this design, where different types of succulents are used.

Custom Design Sukulent, Visual Source: instagram – @harddysucculents

Another succulent design is here. This design, which is almost like a terrarium, different from all other designs, contains various plants, ornaments and containers.

Flower Pots, Visual Source: Patras Events

What if you have a big barrel. You can make creative designs from each other with a wooden barrel. If you wish, you can implement a simple model like the example above, or you can sign a completely different, fancy design.

Flower Pots, Visual Source: Fashion Designs

In this design, a milk canister is used. The white daisies looked almost like milk flowing from a falling milk jar. There is no limit to your imagination. You can envision the design you want in your mind and put it into practice immediately. If you wish, a metal container, a wooden one or an earthen pot.

You can look at decorative pots and flowers from the Flower Basket and change the atmosphere of your home.

Do not forget to try these flower hanging designs in your own garden, balcony and home and share your ideas with us!

Now we will talk about a trend that is not outdated but we are not used to seeing in every garden. Here are the Flower Pots with Spilled Flowers!




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