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Flip Flops Women’s Ministry Theme

Flip Flops Women’s Ministry Theme



Summer is a great time for a women’s ministry get-together. It’s a great time for a laid back relaxing event. Flip Flops & Friends make a great theme for that. You can turn it into summer party mode if you want.

How about serving up something easy like summer salads or even just roast some marshmallows and make some S’mores? Easy does it for summer!

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Flip Flops Event Concept

—Originally Posted June 4, 2014 as a “Flip Flops & Friends” women’s ministry theme

—Updated June 2020

The event themes on the website can be used for showers, parties, women’s ministry retreats and activities, or church functions. Each theme will have one or several possible spiritual applications. I give you lots of info and ideas—You pick just a few to enhance your event. More ideas can be used for showers and parties, but less is always more for ministry events.

Theme Title Ideas

Contending for the Faith

Dip and Flip Night – (Dip Fondue. Wear Flip Flops)

Don’t Flip Flop on Jesus!

Earnestly Contending

Faithfully Standing

Flip and Dip (Casual meeting- wear flip flops, dips and munchies)

Flop and Shop (Put together some booths from some of your home-based business gals. Support each other!)

Flop and Swap (Casual meeting-wear flip flops. Do a swap—purses, clothes, etc.)

Flip for Fellowship

Flip for Leadership (summer get-together for your women’s ministry team – wear flip flops and fellowship)

Flip Flops & Faith

Flip Flops, Faith, and Friends

Flip Flops and Flamingos (summer party. See the Flamingo Theme here.)

Flip Flops, Fondue, & Friends

Flip Flops, Fudge, and Friends

Flop to a Full Stop (Resting in the Lord–casual meeting)

Get a Grip and Don’t Flip!

In Step with Faith

On the Flip Side (Backyard Barbecue)

Flip and Sip (Flip flops and smoothies or milkshakes for a summer get-together)

“Sole’ Sisters

Standing Firm

Stop and Flop! (Casual Meeting)

Stop, Flop and Frozen Yogurt Night (Thanks to Denise for this idea!)

Summer Walk (use a local walking track or park)

Walking in Faith

Spiritual Applications

Focus on not flip-flopping on our faith, but “contending” for the faith (Jude 1:3).

Focus on fellowship and encouragement for long hot summer days.

Focus on anger (flipping your lid )

Focus on worry and anxieties (not flipping out when life get hard)

Focus on attitudes (flipping your attitude around)

Focus on moving past mistakes (everybody flops some times.)

Theme Verse Suggestions

“Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation, it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you that ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.” Jude 1:3 (KJV)

“Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong.” 1 Corinthians 16:13 (KJV)

Devotional and Workshop Ideas

Download the Flip Flops & Friends Theme Devotional Starters (pdf)

Devotional Index

My “Earnestly Contending” Devotional (about flip-flopping on your faith) can be found in the Trained & Able Devotional Collection.

My “Well Dressed Feet” Devotional can be found in the Strong & Lovely Devotional Collection.

Simple Decorating

Tray with flip flops and beach items. Flop Flops Beach ball Sunglasses Fun summer drink cup Sand bucket with sand and seashells Use a folded beach towel to line the tray.

See my Flip Flops and Friends Pinterest Board for more ideas.


Discussion Starters

What is the last baking or cooking recipe you tried that was a flop ?

? What is the last DIY or craft project you tried that was a flop ?

? What is the last blessing you received that made you flip with joy?

Ice Breaker Index


Hold the Fort (Bliss)

Faith is the Victory (Yates)

Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus (Duffield)\

Sound the Battle Cry (Sherwin)

Favor Ideas

Pair of flip flops

Any summer item (sunglasses, summer hats, summer drinking cup with lid)

Summer lanyards (the kind with a container for beaches)

Summer fruit/Jelly in Mini Jam Jar (Amazon)

Door Prizes

Flip flops

Beach towel


Summer Beach Hat (Amazon)

Gift Certificate for ice cream such as Cold Stone

Summer Basket: flop flops, beach towel, sunglasses, summer cup (plastic with lid and straw), or any summer item

Fruit Basket: fill with summer fruits

Just for Fun

Send out invitations that are flip flop shaped.

Do a Flip Flop Craft: Decorate with ribbons, fabric scraps, flowers, etc.

Food and Serving

Fondue (chocolate or cheese)

Smoothie bar (bring in blenders and fruit, etc.)

Ice cream bar

Summer foods such as smore’s, watermelon, fruit or garden salads

Photo Sources

Want the photo used for the page title of this theme? Find the original at Unsplash here.

Thanks for stopping in. Please leave any extra ideas for this flip flop theme in the comments. What’s your favorite type of get-together for summer?

Creative blessings,


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Theme Index

Devotional Index

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