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Feature Friday: Deeply Southern Home – Southern Hospitality

Feature Friday: Deeply Southern Home – Southern Hospitality





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How could I not love a blog called Deeply Southern Home?

Meet Leslie. She’s a Louisiana native and as she puts it, deeply Southern, so that’s what she calls her blog. She has moved around a bit and landed in Birmingham, AL, a place that I also really loved while I lived there several years ago. She and her hubby bought one house and fixed it up, but she had her eye on another house in their neighborhood, one that she calls the Trail house. It had been under foreclosure and after watching it for months and even trying to get it months before, it finally worked out and they got the house.

It went from this…..

To this…

With this pretty front entry!

And ultimately this look with new landscaping. What an exterior renovation, right? They took off the stone and stucco and added new brick.

Inside the front door.

The living room is so pretty and cozy. Of course, I love Leslie’s use of color and she has great taste with a traditional base, but far from boring or predictible.

Love the living room space. In fact, we have the same rug! This is the same rug as my small round rug in my keeping room.

Her cute doggie, at home on the sofa. I love that brass coffee table too.

There’s Leslie herself in the kitchen. They did a makeover in the kitchen without gutting the whole thing and it’s gorgeous.

Love the blue island.

That’s a new window they added and that black and white backsplash is so pretty. I love how she personalizes all her spaces with color and texture.

Sucha pretty and open kitchen.

Her dining room is a moody shade of blue and really packs a lot of punch.

She made this over in the One Room Challenge last year and it looks great.

Imay have to check out this wall color for our master bedroom, it’s a beautiful shade of teal.

The master bedroom is very soothing too. Leslie loves blue too, so she and I are kindred in using shades of blue in our homes. I love this rug too.

And get a good look at this master bathroom renovation they completed. Leslie told me she laid every piece of tile in this space and that impresses me so much. I wouldn’t tackle a big project like this but she did a great job and it’s absolutely gorgeous! It was quite the makeover and I love it all.

So classic and stunning!

Isn’t this a gorgeous bathroom?!

I love this punch of wallpaper in the toilet room. I love little jewel box spaces like this.

Her office has so many pretty details and lots of plants.

Such a great use of the Expedit bookcase from Ikea.

Such pretty color and texture in here.

Of course, I love all her plants. I need more plants in my life!

This powder room got a makeover too and it’s so charming.

Her daughter’s room is so cozy and cute as well.

And the screen porch got a major overhaul too. You have to go and see all the before pics on her blog, they have worked so hard on this house and it totally shows.

I adore a layered and cozy screen porch.

This one has great bones and Leslie did a great job with it.

Couldn’t you spend some time on this porch?

I just love Leslie’s renovations and knew you would too! They took a 90’s house and really showed it some love and attention and it’s a showplace now. Leslie has great taste and a wonderful decorating eye and it looks fantastic. Stop on over and visit Leslie at Deeply Southern Home!





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