Episode 6: Season 5 – Bitcoin Value

Episode 6: Season 5

Episode 6: Season 5



This particular home holds a special place in my heart. Chip and I actually purchased it to be a flip home project that we planned on renovating and then selling. But right about the time we started working on it, my little sister Mary Kay (but we call her “Mikey”) and her husband David found out they were moving back to Waco for his job. I knew they would love this house, so the whole thing was perfect timing. Mikey and I are really close and always have been. When she and David got married, they lived right next door to us. About nine years ago, they made the moved for David’s Med School, and they’ve been away ever since.

Mikey and David have been talking about moving back home to Waco for a long time, and the timing was actually perfect for them to fall in love with this beautiful house. So it’s been a long time coming, but my baby sister is FINALLY moving back to Waco! And to sweeten the deal, Chip and I got to help them create their dream home.


The inspiration materials I used to interpret the style of the family’s home

Mikey and David have a very fun style. Mikey loves the mid-century modern and the vintage style, and David appreciates that Adobe, almost southwestern feel. We really went bold with our color palette, patterns, and nostalgic details, like wallpaper and macrame. The architecture of the house naturally lends itself to mid-century, so we complemented this by incorporating a lot of clean lines, interesting shapes, and minimalistic details.


Objective | Open up the space more to the kitchen to make the room feel bright and airy for the family to spend time together


Objective | Utilize the original layout and natural light to make the space feel open and inviting


Objective | Make the room multifunctional for work, storage, and play


Objective | Blend bold color and texture together to create a space that lives up to the vintage style this couple loves


Objective | Keep the original footprint, but give the space a modern update


Objective | Move the mechanical closet to give the family a bigger and more functional laundry space


Objective | Give the original ranch style exterior a modern update to match the interior

I loved every second of getting to work with Mikey and David to design this home, and getting to share this experience with her will always make this one of my very favorite Fixer Upper projects. What makes it even sweeter is that this means Mikey is moving HOME, and that just can’t be beat. Chip and I truly couldn’t be happier to welcome the McCall crew back to Waco!

See the inspiration for the Flip home in episode 6! Find images of each room in this mid-century home & tips on how to use wallpaper to decorate bedrooms.




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