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Vertical Garden Wall Outdoors

DIY Vertical Garden: An Easy Succulent Wall Planter

DIY Vertical Garden: An Easy Succulent Wall Planter



DIY Vertical Garden Wall Planter — This is a super easy succulent wall planter made out of an inexpensive home improvement store item. The best part is you can recreate this vertical planter in less than an hour!

The backyard at our old townhome was a very small space. I use the term backyard lightly because really it’s just a gloried 20 x 10-foot space that has a privacy fence around it.

You can’t ask for a whole lot when you live in the middle of Houston, the land of downtown townhomes and people that don’t know how to drive around bicycles, ha!

As I was saying, it’s just enough space for a little dining area, a few plants, and an awkward empty space along the patio drain.

The unfortunate part is that the drain can’t be covered up and the weird empty spot in front of it also happens to be the first thing you see when you walk out onto the patio.

I wanted to create a vertical garden to fill the space that wouldn’t obstruct the drain, and that’s how this easy succulent wall planter came to life!

It’s a great way to make a big impact in small spaces and add a pop of color to a plain outdoor area.

Materials for Making a Wooden Succulent Wall Vertical Planter

This DIY vertical planter requires almost zero DIY skills since the handrail is already fully assembled!

All you really need to do is stain it, place it, and add the plant hooks. After that, you

First, paint the stain onto the handrail then let it dry.

Lean the banister along the wall of the fence where you want it placed, then decide where you want the plants to hang on it before you drill any holes.

Once you’ve decided, drill a hole at an angle on the bottom side of the railing and then twist in the screw-hook.

Next, drill a hole in the back of your planter and then slip the planter over the edge of the plant hook to hang in place.

What Is A Vertical Garden Succulent Wall

Avertical garden is a twist on the traditional garden by allowing you to grow your favorite plants and herbs in small spaces.

Not everyone has the ability to be able to utilize traditional garden beds, and creating a vertical rack for growing is a great alternative.

You can make a vertical planter for patios, balconies, or even indoors where you have plenty of sunlight!

DIY Vertical Garden Ideas

This handrail was a simple way for me create a custom garden space for our small backyard, but there are plenty of other unique vertical garden DIY’s, too.

Keep in mind that you can also use a vertical planter as a twist on the traditional garden for creating a modern herb garden.

Here are a few other DIY projects for creating a succulent wall planter or vertical planter —

Repurpose PVC pipes cut in half as plant pots that won’t rust

Snag an old wooden pallet that’s being thrown out

Coat a large wooden picture frame with polyurethane to make a weather-proof succulent frame

Use a fabric shoe organizer to hang on your patio for growing herbs or succulents as a hanging planter

You can’t beat this vertical garden for a quick and easy weekend project, right?

For another nifty project, see how to make my faux grass DIY paver stones! They’re another really easy garden hack that’s perfect for mixing and matching with different outdoor styles.

Be sure to bookmark some of my other favorite home decor DIY’s for your weekend projects —

Instruction for How to Make a Vertical Garden Planter

A DIY succulent wall made out of an inexpensive home improvement store item to create a custom vertical garden or vertical planter!




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