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{DIY} succulents in coconut shell – macrame hanging basket

{DIY} succulents in coconut shell – macrame hanging basket



After a short break I’ll get back to you and in my luggage I have a really cool Do-It-Yourself for you, succulents in a coconut shell – macrame hanging basket. Especially now, when summer is meteorologically saying goodbye (if you can even call it summer !?) and the everyday is slowly shifting back inside, I feel the need to set up my 4 walls really comfortably.

Anyone who has been following my blog for a long time knows that I am a real autumn child and not just because I was born in November (in my post “Many reasons to love autumn …” you can find out what I particularly like about this time of year). After a really nice summer with many warm hours of sunshine outdoors, I am always looking forward to a cozy blanket, candles and everything that makes the home really cozy and to the fact that you can retreat there on rainy days with a book and warm tea. But since the summer “fell into the water” this year, I still haven’t had enough and so I try to maintain the summer feeling as long as possible and now these 2 green boys come into play.

When I see succulents, I feel like being on holiday. I think that’s because I associate one of the most famous succulent species with Mexico – cacti! And when you put the small, easy-care plants in a coconut shell, it can look very exotic – great for an “autumnal summer feeling”.

You need:

a hollowed coconut *

aband *

Pearls *

Succulents *


Plastic bag


Macrame hanging baskets made easy!

First you need 6 threads of the same length, which you tie together after about 10cm with a knot (K1 picture below). This knot (K1) is your base knot that sits at the bottom of the coconut in the middle. You have to think about the length of the threads in advance, preferably a bit longer, because you can always cut them.

After a few centimeters you always knot 2 of the 6 threads (K2) together. You have to adjust the spacing of the knots to your coconut, depending on where you want the knots to end up.

Now the last 3 knots (K3) come. To do this, you tie the threads lying next to each other from 2 knots above (K2). With the last knot (* 5) a small net has now been created, into which the coconut shell comes.

When repotting the plants in the coconut, I recommend lining the inside of the shell with something impermeable to water, as the coconut shell is not waterproof. I used a freezer bag and just cut off the protruding sides and tucked them in a little. Be careful when watering that nothing can run past the hidden freezer bag! Finally, all you have to do is thread the planted coconut shell into the net and you are ready with your new macrame hanging basket.

What do you say? Is a real eye-catcher that makes every room a bit more exotic! I hope you enjoy trying it out. ♥


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Do you fancy a little summer feeling decoration for your own 4 walls? No problem! Here you will find illustrated instructions for a macrame hanging basket!




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