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DIY Soda Bottle Kitty Cat Planters

DIY Soda Bottle Kitty Cat Planters



So it’s official, I’m a cat lady! And I decided I needed some cat decor around the house to prove it, so I made these darling DIY kitty cat planters out of soda bottles.

I recently became a cat mama to a second cat. Lucy Goose was orphaned by her human parents and no one would take her in, so I caved. When I discovered no one was feeding her, I shoved her in a cat carrier and took her home with me. Now we’re working on S L O W L Y introducing her to our first cat, Poops (the husband named her), who is having absolutely none of it.

All my life I’ve had dogs. I understand dogs. They’re happy when you get home. They’re happy when you give them food. They love to go on walks or take a ride in the car. Cats are different. They have attitude. But I totally get it and I love the personality that each cat has.

If you love your kitty cat and want to make a DIY soda bottle planter, I’ve got the tutorial below for you, but you’re going to need a few things first:


Soda bottles – 1 large, 1 medium

Scissors and/or Xacto Knife

1-2 Spray Paints

Paint Pens – black and pink



Optional: Drill & Drill Bit

I went with white and pink paint because I thought those planters would be cuter than my orange tabby and tortoiseshell cats. But you can go with whatever colors you want! If you paint them black (for a black cat), remember to pick up a white paint pen.

Step 1: I guess the true first step is to save some soda bottles, but once you have some saved, the first step is to remove the labels and draw your kitty cat outline so you know where to cut. Don’t worry if you can’t get off all the label/glue – just make sure that when you draw your kitty outline, you make that the back. As for the outline, it’s pretty much just cutting off the bottom third of the soda bottle, but cutting out two little ears in front and a tail in back. It doesn’t have to be perfect, you can always make it better when you cut.

Step 2: I used an Exacto knife to puncture the bottle a few inches, then I was able to slide in the scissors and cut out my kitty cat outline. Step 3: Next, paint your bottles using spraypaint. Be sure to paint the backside first just in case anything sticks when you roll them over to paint the fronts. It may take two coats to cover up the black marker.

Step 4: Once dry, you’re ready to draw on your kitty cat faces using your black and pink paint pens. I started with the pink pen and drew the triangles in the ears and the little heart-shaped noses, then came in with the black pen to finish the mouth, whiskers, and eyes.

Step 5: The next step is for water drainage. You have an optional additional step of drilling holes in the very bottom of the bottle to allow for water drainage when you water your plants. I also filled the very bottoms of the bottles with loose gravel to allow for the water to pool so it doesn’t rot the roots of my plants.

Step 6: Plant your plants! I went with Parsley Basil, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme because I’ve been needing a little herb garden and the only place I can keep any plants alive is in the kitchen by the sink. Maybe something about the light and humidity in that room?

So cute, right? With those little cat feet?

Ok, so back to how we’re introducing Poops and Lucy Goose to each other … I watched an online video on how to introduce new cats and it’s all about letting them smell each other while they eat with a closed-door between them and how they associate the good (food) with the other cat’s smell.

So far so good. It’s a really slow process, but I’m okay with taking it slow for 2-3 weeks as long as they get along all the other weeks of the year! Don’t forget to pin this photo to Pinterest if you want to save this DIY idea for a weekend! And let me know in the comments what color you’re going to paint your DIY soda bottle kitty cat planter!

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Turn an empty soda bottle into an adorable kitty plant planter for catnip, herbs, or even a cactus or succulent! This is easy to make and perfect for any cat lover. DIY instructions included




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