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DIY Privacy Fence on a Budget Patio

DIY Privacy Fence on a Budget Patio



Privacy (even if you love your neighbors) helps make a space feel more relaxing and like a vacation getaway. We recently updated our entire screened porch , and our DIY privacy wall with plants is the best feature. The beautiful wood adds warmth while the plants and design give it all the vacation vibes. Let me just say that I’ll be taking a mini-vacation every day after work until the winter rolls around! Now let’s talk about how you can make a beautiful privacy wall this weekend.

3. Cut your boards. When cutting your 4x4s, be sure to wear a mask. There are chemicals in the treated boards that you don’t want to breathe in when you create sawdust.

4. If you are securing your privacy wall to fit a particular space like we did, bring your 4x4s outside and make sure that your 4×4 frame will fit.

5. Drill a pocket hole on either end of your 1x2s. Drill two pocket holes on either end of each 1×4 and 1×6. Before drilling, pick out the pretty side of each board and then drill the pocket holes on the non-pretty side.

6. Prep the wood for sanding.

7. Sand your boards.

8. Stain your boards.

9. Once your boards are dry, bring them outside. Pick your favorite side of each 4×4 and place them face down.

10. Pre-drill four holes on the top of the top 4×4 (2 on each end). Using a 3/4″ wood paddle bit, pre-drill enough to countersink (or hide) the head of the hex lag screws. You will want to position the holes where the screws will go into the 4×4 legs.

11. Use a ratchet to insert the hex lag screws. Position the 4x4s that will act as the legs. Put a washer on the end of your hex lag screws before inserting, then have someone apply pressure to the opposite end of the 4x4s to make sure that they don’t separate as you insert the screw.

12. Place some spare boards down as a spacing guide. We used 3 boards (all 1x4s, but it really doesn’t matter as long as they are the same width), one in the middle, and one close to either side. These boards ensure that the 1x2s, 1x4s, and 1x6s that you are attaching to the 4x4s are set back the same distance from the corner of the 4x4s. We placed towels on the floor underneath the wood to protect the wood from getting damaged by our concrete floor.

Are you tired of the neighbors snooping? check out this diy privacy planter screen you can make on a budget. This easy backyard patio privacy fence is truly beautiful. #diy #privacyfence #budget




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