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DIY Planter Roundup

DIY Planter Roundup



I’ve been looking for ways to spruce up my apartment. I’ve been renting it for five years, and after a recent exhaustive search to find a better one (that wasn’t a lot more expensive), I decided to stay put for another year–rents are outrageously high in Seattle. So, I need a refresh for my little 535 square foot apartment. And what better way to start than by adding some greenery to the space (indoor and outdoor too!)?So I’ve rounded up a cute bunch of DIY planters for you–I hope they inspire you to bring a little more green into your life!

Gold Bowl Planter

Aren’t these fabulous? The project is from A Beautiful Mess (are you surprised?) and those bowls are found at Target! Simple with a lot of impact.

Bonus find: I found these small gold planters at Urban Outfitters—if you have a smaller space like me, consider buying two of these and using just one of the Target bowls to re-create this look.

Skinny Planter Stand

Another one from A Beautiful Mess that is amazing—perfect for small spaces! And the pink, well, you know. And if you don’t, I’ve become this weirdo pink lover that sort of came out of nowhere and now I want everything to be pink and/or gold, as evidenced here and here and here.

Embroidery Hoop Planter

Ibet you have an old embroidery hoop lying around your house somewhere for this project. It’s so simple! I love it.

Faux Geo Metallic Planters

I couldn’t resist including a copper project (or three) in this roundup. These would be cute on a shelf or nightstand. This is a 5-minute project, no joke. Go check it out.

Drawer Planter

For the vintage lovers and re-purposers. Find an old cheap dresser at Goodwill and create an outdoor planter with the drawers! I’d remove the hardware and add some pretty pulls from Anthropologie (or Hobby Lobby–they have very similar pulls and they’re a great deal).

3-Tier Copper Planter

This copper stand is lovely and is a fairly easy project. The key here is to make sure the bottoms of the pots are wide enough to keep the plants sturdy on the tiers.

Copper and Marble Plant Stand

Another beauty from A Bubbly Life. Copper and marble pair to create a pretty plant stand–perfect for a corner!

Tiered Planter

This one is intriguing because it packs a lot of plants into a small vertical space, which would be perfect for apartments. And you get to buy lot of plants! Bonus.

Macramé Planter

Macramé is back and in a big way! Make it modern with bright colors and create a hanger for your plants–it’s just a series of knots!

Vertical Terra Cotta Planter

This one has been around Pinterest for a while but I love it just as much as I did a few years ago. This one would be best for those with a yard. Think about styling—you could paint them or leave them terra cotta color and let the flowers make the statement. Beautiful super easy.

Mid-Century Planters

This one from Sugar and Cloth is so pretty and would be a good weekend project. The planters are from IKEA (spray painted) and the wooden legs and plaques shouldn’t be too hard to find. These would be great indoors or outdoors (as long as you seal the wood).

Yay! I hope there’s a few that strike you. I now want to make one of everything, per my usual crazy craft ADD tendencies. Next week, I’ll share a roundup of affordable planters to buy, not DIY–it’s good to have a mix of that in your home!

Looking for more DIY? Check out the DIY page here! Thanks for reading and have a lovely weekend! xo

A roundup of cute DIY planters to spruce up your small space for spring and summer! From Gold Standard Workshop.




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