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Patio Lights String Ideas

DIY Planter Posts for String Lights – Backyard Patio Ideas

DIY Planter Posts for String Lights – Backyard Patio Ideas



I knew I wanted string lights implemented into our backyard patio somehow, but I wasn’t quite sure how to hang them above our uncovered dining area. We decided to build DIY planter posts to serve as a hanging point for our string lights and it turned out SOOOOO good!

How to Make DIY Planter Posts for String Lights

Materials Needed:

Note: Make sure you scroll all the way down to see the nighttime view of the lights!

Choose an outdoor planter that is resistant to cracking. I recommend picking a planter that is either made of resin or wood. Stay away from ceramic or terracotta for this project.

Step 1 – Screw two L-brackets onto of the fence post flush with the bottom. Place post into the center of the planter and screw the bottom of the L-brackets into the planter.

Step 2 – Add your Quickcrete and water as directed on the package into a wheel barrel or bucket. The more water you add the longer it will take to dry. Mix with a metal shovel.

Step 3 – Pour wet Quickcrete around the post into your planter about 3/4th full. That will leave you with enough room to add soil and plant your plants. Use a shovel to work it around the post so that there are no air gaps and smooth the top. Use your level to make sure your post is straight and check it often while the Quickcrete is drying as the post can shift.

Step 4 – Once dry, grab a ladder and screw in your hanging plant brackets to opposite sides of the post. You’ll use one side to hang your string lights and the other side to hang a plant or lantern.

Step 5 – Use metal hanging wire to attach the string lights to the soffit of your roof line. We have an electrical outlet at the top of our roof line that we plugged into. You might need to use an extension cord to get power to your lights.

Planting Tips – Drill small holes into the sides of your planter for water drainage where your soil will be. Fill plant with soil and plant your desired plants. I love using potato vines so they hang beautifully over the planter and then something taller with color!

Check out more views of our patio below and how the string lights really define our outdoor space and add a cozy ambiance at night! More patio sources are listed at the end of the post.



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How to make DIY Planter Posts for String Lights. Hanging string lights adds beautiful lighting over your backyard patio. Here’s how to make posts to anchor your string lights.




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