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DIY Marble Run from Toilet Rolls

DIY Marble Run from Toilet Rolls



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I seem to collect empty toilet rolls, for crafts I keep telling myself. Well, since starting this blog I think this is the second craft I have done that actually has a toilet roll in it! The first is a pair of binoculars by the way.

I have seen a few things floating around on pinterest with kids using the long paper towel rolls as tubes which are either attached to a wall or fridge to make a kind of marble run.

I decided to try my hand at making a little tower marble run for the kids to enjoy.

For this craft you will need:

11 Toilet paper rolls

Cardboard base




Marbles / Pom Poms

Imade 3 towers, 2 towers that were 3 toilet rolls high and a 3rd that was 2 high. Each taped together with electrical tape, as that is what I have on hand. To connect the towers I cut 3 toilet rolls in half longways and taped them together to make shoots.

Next, I cut holes in the towers for the shoots to rest in, making sure that it was tilted downward to encourage the marbles to roll down. I tested as I was cutting with a pom pom to make sure the holes in the towers where high enough to allow the balls through.

For the base I used a side of a cardboard box, marked the towers out, then glued them down. I left this overnight to dry completely to ensure that it was secure.

The next evening I painted the towers, shoots and base (secretly, while the kids slept) and in the morning used my glue gun to secure the shoots in place before gathering our salt dough balls I had made from our last salt dough play batch. I don’t keep marbles with 3 young children.

Make sure that the shoot that the marble drops into is pushed as far back as you can safely get in there with out breaking something πŸ˜‰ We want to catch the balls.

My 4 year old was most pleased with his nifty new toy! Salt dough balls went in the top and ran down to the bottom as intended with much excitement. A nice little craft and well received.

I do think older children will be able to help build but surely paint this craft with you. Unless you want to keep it a secret like I did πŸ˜‰

My 3 year old also came along to enjoy the run with his collection of pom poms.

Know someone who could use this? Share it!

Enjoy a diy brightly painted marble run that you can make yourself! So much fun!



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