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DIY Homemade Gift Ideas for The Plant Obsessed

DIY Homemade Gift Ideas for The Plant Obsessed



We all have those people in our lives and on our Christmas list that are totally plant obsessed. Fun fact: we are totally those crazy plant people. If you can’t tell already we love the idea of homemade gifts for our friends and family and we certainly cannot forget our “Plant People” so the following is a roundup of our favorite DIY Homemade Gift Ideas for The Plant Obsessed.

All these planters are so luxe looking you can’t even tell they are homemade. We have found ourselves even making extra to keep.

Spray Paint Marble Planter

These are easy and the possibilities are endless when you get creative with your container.

DIY Copper Planter

Plant obsessed or not, everyone would love one of these beautiful planters.

DIY Crystal Planters

Everyone knows a crystal lover and they usually are pretty plant obsessed too. These are beautiful and don’t take much time at all to complete.

DIY Book Planter

We love these! They can become so personal with your book selection and truly look lovely on a shelf or really anywhere. For old friends or siblings, we suggest using a favorite book from childhood.

Have a plant obsessed friend but don’t really have the time to DIY them a gift. The following are some presents you could purchase for them. Try these budget-friendly finds all are under $25.

Modern Plant Pot with 3 Tier Bamboo Stand

Mini Macrame Plant Holder

Plant Mister

Are you making a plant related gift for this holiday season?

Comment below or tag us on social media.

DIY Homemade Gift Ideas for The Plant Obsessed and our favorite plant gift buys under $25 to give this holiday season.




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