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DIY Flower Pot Models

DIY Flower Pot Models



One of the most cute and entertaining occupations of recent times is known as DIY potted models. There are many people who want to look at the plants in their home, balcony or garden with their colorful flower pot models. However, the most important issue here is the recycling of pots.

Do-it-yourself flower pot models; It is the favorite of those who are sensitive to recycling and saving. In fact, it is clear that it is a very enjoyable work. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could prepare a pot for your beautiful flowers with your own efforts? What if you could realize your creative ideas with the most colorful lines on flower pots? In fact, it is certain that a very pleasant work will come out.

So let’s make a list of the most different DIY flower pot models that will inspire you:

Boots Flower Pot Models

Different models of boots that you do not use at home should not wait for new fashion wherever they are. The new trend for your boots is to be a beautiful colored flower pot. You can also get a flower pot without a beautiful drawing by filling your tall boots standing on the side of your home with soil.

Color the cans to be a pot

If you have finished cans in your garden, you can recycle them instead of throwing them away. The cans that you can use and color with metal paint will turn into very stylish flowerpot models. Thus, the idea of ​​a tin pot will be a beautiful object for your garden.

Transformation of Plastic Bottles into Pots

Plastic bottles are always said to be useless, or this sentence is now shelved. Make a hole in the center of the plastic bottle to fill with soil and plant your flower. Here is another creative plastic bottle flower pot model for you!

Cement Flower Pot Models

For cement pot models, you need 2 glasses of cement and 2 glasses of sand. Prepare the mixture with half a glass of grout and a good grout made with water. Whichever model your pot will be, give the same shape to two separate cartons and pour cement mortar between these two cartons. In this way, it is possible to produce flowerpots from cement as you wish.

Fabric Flower Pot Models

Let the fabrics you do not use in your home be garbage and work in your garden from now on. To make a fabric flower pot, all you need is an old piece of fabric. It will be enough to combine both sides of the fabric and fill it with soil.

Slipper Flower Pots

Other small items left over in your home are slippers. Slipper flowerpots will be models that can be used as portable flowerpots that can be hung anywhere you want.

Watering Bucket Flower Pot Model

Plant lovers are sure to have more than one watering can in their home. You like the new one, but what will you do with the old one? Come on, make it a flower pot.

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