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DIY: Fabric Pots

DIY: Fabric Pots



I couldn’t help but be swept away by all the wonderful fabric pots Christine Chitnis made over on her blog that I had to make my own! She didn’t do a step by step guide so I thought I’d help out by offering my own. One of the main ingredients to fabric pots is mod podge. Honestly, I had never even used it before but now mod podge is my new favorite craft supply. Seriously, this stuff is fantastic. I wasn’t quite sure how well it was going to work on fabric & pots let alone used to make a fabric pot but I couldn’t believe how amazing it was. So, lets get started.

Step By Step Guide for: DIY Fabric Pots


+Mod Podge

+Fabric (We got 1/2 yard of each fabric–it covered one small pot and a medium sized pot)

+Terra Cotta Pots (We chose a variety of different sizes of terra cotta pots)


+Fabric Scissors (Regular scissors will do just fine)

+Clear Top Coat

Step By Step Guide

Step 1: Grab the fabric and terra cotta pot of your choosing. Lay out your fabric (uncut) and place the terra cotta pot at the corner edge of the fabric and start rolling in the shape of a cone (very important). Once you’ve covered the entire pot, use your fabric scissors to cut the section you made. Now, you have the correct size for your pot.

Step 2: Pour a small amount of mod podge in a bowl. Using a sponge sweep a small but decent portion of mod podge in a medium sized area. Place the corner section of the fabric on the mod podge (pull the fabric tightly and smooth the fabric out). Disregard the top and bottom of the pot until the end.

Step 3: After you’ve smoothed out the fabric, use the sponge and mod podge to add another layer over the area. Let dry for a few minutes.

Step 4: Once that area has dried, move onto the next section of the pot. As you go make sure you are still pulling the fabric in the direction of a cone. Let each section dry and then add another layer of mod podge to the top of the fabric.

Step 5: Now that the base of the pot is covered in fabric it is time to move to the top and bottom of the pot. Using your scissors, cut the excess fabric off the top and bottom (the less excessive you have the less likely you’ll have puckering edges). After you’ve removed the excess fabric, add a layer of mod podge and pull the fabric tightly over the edge. Using your fingers smooth over the mod podge. You’ll start to notice the fabric will start to pleat–which is exactly what you want! Add another layer of mod podge over the fabric and let dry.

Step 6: Once your pot is dry, add one last layer of mod podge over the entire pot. I let mine dry over night but this isn’t necessary–I just happened to finish this step and it was late & I was ready for bed!

Step 7: Your pot is dry and looking beautiful but there is still one more step! Since mod podge is water soluble, we need to add a layer of a clear protectant coat to keep your pot safe from the elements and more importantly from water. So, using a clean sponge spread the clear coat over the entire pot and let dry.

Fabric pots are popping up all over the internet but they can be a little pricey–here’s a step by step guide to help you make your own DIY Fabric Pots.




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