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DIY Easy-to-sew pencil case even for beginners

DIY Easy-to-sew pencil case even for beginners



Hello friends !

In your New Year’s Resolutions, I hope you wrote down “learning to sew”.

With this new tutorial you will learn how to sew a pencil case: pencil case, make-up bag … you choose the role of this bag.

Ideal for back to school!

Customize the fabric:

-if your kit will be used in your bathroom, plan on a coated fabric that will resist makeup and water.

– try leather if this kit is intended for your handbag

– a moumoute fabric will delight teens and little girls

This pencil case may scare off beginners, but there are only a few seams!

Even beginners can successfully sew this pencil case!

I even find it a good sewing exercise, especially when learning how to put on a zipper.

There is no text in this DIY: the pictures are perfect for learning how to sew this kit.

So ? Ready to get started in this DIY?

This pencil case can be a great Mother’s Day gift, a gift for a friend!

Sew this pouch in a pretty imitation leather and give this pouch to your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day !!!

Here is material selected by me on Amazon to make a great kit:

I found this DIY Kit easy to sew even for beginners on:

Learn how to make a beautiful, easy-to-sew pencil case, learn how to put on a zipper. Perfect DIY for beginners in sewing!




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