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DIY dresser for the garden

DIY dresser for the garden



Hey, there are new instructions here. We wanted to part with the standard box for the plastic seat pads. Now a dresser was needed. It should be adapted to the DIY sun loungers.

You need:

4x U-stone 400x400x400mm

2x board 200x40x2000mm

25x wooden slats 36x17x2000mm

4x hinge

1x latch

1x wood glaze gray

And of course the usual tool.

First you set up the stones. For this you have to be two. Weight per stone is approx. 68kg.

Now you prepare the floorboards. Place them next to each other and drill angled holes on the inside edge to connect the two boards. Then you screw the boards and paint them.

The chest of drawers should accommodate our seat cushions, so there is 1110mm of space between the stones. Now you have to saw the wooden slats to size (40x to 555mm, 6x 800mm, 10x 1110mm, 14x 320mm, 4x 400mm).

A general tip – since the wooden slats are very fine, you should pre-drill all holes so that nothing splinters. Now we build the shelf for the pillows. For this you use 2 battens with a length of 1110mm and the 12 with 320mm. First you screw a short batten to the corner points of the 1110mm long batten. Distribute the remaining 10 cards evenly and screw them together as well. It’s best to use a piece of lath as a spacer. The base of the shelf is ready.

Now you take 2x 80mm long slats and screw them to the corner points of the lower support. You screw the last 2 short battens with 320mm on top of the 800mm long one. These will later be used to establish the connection with the support from the two wooden planks. Now you take the remaining 1110mm long wooden slats and screw them together to create the back wall. Now paint and you’re done.

Now we come to the doors. For this we build 2 wooden frames at the beginning. In total you need 2x 800mm and 2x 400mm for this. You screw these together so that the short pieces are inside.

Now you take a long wooden slat and draw a diagonal strut, which you then saw and screwed. For the second frame you repeat these steps. Then paint the frame and all 40 pieces of wood in a length of 550mm.

When the paint has dried, screw 20 cards each onto the frame. We used an old wooden strip 4-5 mm thick as a spacer.

Now you attach the hinges. I sprayed these with an aluminum zinc paint beforehand.

Finally you have to put everything together. To do this, first attach the two doors. We attached them directly to the stone using 6 dowels. Now insert the shelf and rear wall and, if necessary, align the stones again. Now lay the boards on top and screw the back wall from below.

Finally, decorate and put the pillows in.

We are considering adding a smaller storage area above the cushions …

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