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Make Garden Decorations Yourself

DIY concrete lanterns easily make yourself – the perfect garden decoration

DIY concrete lanterns easily make yourself – the perfect garden decoration



[Advertising links] Are you still looking for a quick concrete garden decoration? Then these concrete bowls as lanterns might be just the right thing for you! I didn’t think that these bowls would be so easy to make. All you need is concrete, a balloon and some paint. Do you also work with concrete? Then write it to me in the comments.

I don’t know exactly where my love for concrete comes from, but for almost 5 years I just can’t get enough of the material. I always find it amazing what you can do with this material. But now to the instructions!

You need:

– pouring * – or kneading concrete *

– Lacquer in gold *, copper * and silver *

– balloons

– tea lights

– bowl

– spoon

– Water


– brush

* The links marked with an asterisk are Amazon affiliate links.

Crafting instructions:

Step 1:

First, blow your balloon up to the size you want. On your first attempt I would start with a little inflated, small balloon. Optionally, you can also use a plastic ball or something similar. I use a balloon because I can simply let the air out later when everything has hardened.


Then place it on a vessel.

2nd step:

Iused concrete for pouring. But you can also use kneaded concrete. Put some concrete in your bowl and stir it with water. The consistency of the mass should be quite firm, because if it is too runny the concrete will just run down the balloon.

3rd step:

When you have touched the mass, you put the mass on the balloon.

Tip: In my experience, it is easier to put the entire mass on the balloon and then press it against the balloon. If you put some mass on the balloon from time to time, press it down and then add some mass again, the transitions will crack.

4th step:

Now a little patience is called for, because the concrete now needs about 24 hours until it is completely dry.

5th step:

Now let the air out of your balloon. I wouldn’t let it burst with a bang, not that which breaks. Better to cut a small hole at the knot of the balloon.

6th step:

Now your bowl is ready to be painted. I always use the varnish that I have linked to you above, because it is totally economical and holds great on all materials. Now just paint the inside of the bowl and let everything dry well.

7th step:

At the end only the tea light is missing. You just put it in your concrete lantern and light it.

I think the colors in connection with the lantern are absolutely beautiful. How do you like it?

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I wish you a lot of fun doing it yourself.

Best wishes

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