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DIY birdbath

DIY birdbath



This easy DIY birdbath is made from a extra large candlestick and a thrift store pot lid. You could also use a reclaimed lamp base to make a birdbath.

So many times bloggers are inspired by pretty pictures in magazines, but this time Woman’s Day Magazine was inspired by this project to make their own birdbath. How cool is that?

Quick & Pretty DIY Birdbath

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DIY Birdbath made from a candlestick

There was a really fun Shop and Hop event in Indianapolis. I picked up a great extra large candlestick.

After I found the candlestick at the Goodwill I thought it might make a nice side table. But then I rounded the corner to the pots and pans aisle, and found this pot lid.

Iturned it upside down, and voila! It was a perfect fit.

Mix colors of spray paint

While I was perusing one of the stores I found a greenish copper patina something or other. I said to myself “self, this is the color this birdbath wants to be” Now sometimes I have selective hearing, but usually when I’m talking to myself I listen!

It’s a great idea to keep an eye out for spray paint on clearance. I got a great deal on this paint. The moss green and the aqua seemed like a perfect combination to get that patina that I fell in love with.

First I sprayed a pretty good coat of the moss green. Here’s a great closeup of the base color.

Then I sprayed it with the aqua spray paint-a little too heavy. oops!

Lightly misting with another color while holding the spray can a little further away will give the look of a faded patina.

Continue to Experiment with Mixing Colors

I took this photo so you can see the color difference. On the left is the aqua, on the right is the moss green. In the middle is the birdbath that is neither aqua or moss green. But a good mix of both.

The moss green lid.

With a little aqua over the moss green Look how nicely the lid fits into the little candle “hole” It’s perfect!

I love feeding the birds and watching them, I have a couple of concrete birdbaths already, but I figure I can always use one more!

Do you think it resembles a copper patina?

Because the pot lid was so deep, I ended up getting a more shallow enamel lid and painting it in the same way. It rests with the handle in the top of the birdbath the same way.

Here’s the vase I painted. Did you know it this easy to change up thrift store or yard sale vases? Just add paint. I also painted a bunch of reclaimed glass with white spray paint . I have so much glass (leftover from my totem addiction)

This birdbath has been in my yard for over 8 years and it has never tipped over. The lid has fallen or been blown out a couple of times. It still brings a smile to my face every time I see it!


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How to make an easy diy birdbath using reclaimed items readily available at thrift stores. I used an extra large candlestick and a pot lid.



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