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Decorative styles for summer according to Maisons du Monde

Decorative styles for summer according to Maisons du Monde



In my job as a decoration journalist, I try to be constantly up to date with the latest trends. I therefore follow blogs, magazines or news from stores recognized for being representative of the decor styles of the moment. In my job as a stylist, on the other hand, I am constantly on the lookout for beautiful inspirational photos. I love the photos of sets that look lived in and the perfect arrangement of props. I am inspired by it to then reproduce these moods in a photo shoot. At the top of my list – one of my biggest inspirations for styling and trends – is Maisons du Monde. This essential decoration store in France, releases its trendy inspirations twice a year. Particularly in the middle of winter, I expect their summer decor styles to be a breath of warmth and a change of scenery. It almost became an event for me! The 6 trends for summer 2017 are starting to arrive … I can’t wait any longer, I have to present them to you! Be careful, you might crack!

Until the end of February, you will be able to discover the 6 summer trends on the Maisons du Monde website. Three have already been revealed to us: Urban Garden, Escale, Mint and Lemon. The other three will follow in the coming weeks: Elegance, Caliente and Coachella. Each one highlights colors, materials and patterns currently on the radar of all decoration fans. Each one is available indoors, in the garden, in the world of tableware or that of children.

Urban garden

Cacti, flamingos and tropical foliage will continue to accompany us this summer. Green, pink and white we never get tired of! It evokes a tropical chic side reminiscent of Miami. Perfect for sunny days!

What I like about this trend: the mixture of materials like wood or concrete with metals such as brass and copper. I like the idea of ​​playing with the contrasts between vegetation, natural materials and very modern raw materials.

A terrarium, a plant hanging in a macrame, a pot with a large fig tree, palm tree or cactus placed in a corner allow you to bring nature into your home, even if you live in the city.

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Indoors, the layouts of this trend are perfect for a feminine interior. See how wood, brass and pink complement each other. You could be inspired by it!

Outside, the Urban Garden trend brings color to a small urban patio and transforms it into an oasis.

Finally, Urban Garden is the perfect combination for a girl’s bedroom. The mint green color and copper, a winning duo that is not too “gnan gnan”.


The nautical trend has always been a great summer classic since it suggests vacations, sea and sand. In 2017, this is how it is modernized: with blue and black, geometric patterns, linen and rattan, in short, the materials and colors of the hour.

What I like about this trend: it is quite timeless since the natural materials, blue and black will always be up to date. You will never go wrong by incorporating them into your interior. Depending on your style, you can orient the nautical trend towards a more ethnic look by mixing the patterns or playing with Mediterranean colors like indigo blue. You could also stay more classic / rustic by surfing the seaside look: ropes, wood and marine stripes.

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Personally, it is this association between rattan, wool, blue and black that I find truly soothing and exotic. Quite in the Hygge style of the moment! You know this Danish art of living which advocates cozy and warm interiors …

In this beautifully styled photo, you feel transported to a Hamptons villa. Stripes are a classic that will never go out of style on a summer table.

And here is the more “seaside” version of the Escale trend, the one that incorporates wood and references to a fisherman’s hut.

Mint and Lemon

Third trend unveiled this week, Mint and Lemon is made of contrasts between pastel colors and bright colors. Yellow has been very present in decoration for at least five years. Especially in summer, it’s not going to go away! By combining it with somewhat retro colors such as blue and mint green, we obtain a fairly seventies cocktail, for lovers of sunny settings.

What I love about this trend: Dare and not be afraid to brighten up your interior with a touch of lemon yellow. Combined with pastels, the result can remain very Scandinavian when you also incorporate raw materials such as rattan or light wood. It gives a cheerful and bright interior, not just in summer!

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On the tableware side, the Mint and Lemon trend instantly creates a pretty vintage look. Perfect for a kitchen or a terrace to which we would like to infuse a little personality.

As for the world of children’s bedrooms, it is again a very winning duo. Especially since he is unisex!

The 3 other styles of summer to discover

Be sure to visit the Maisons du Monde website in the coming weeks to discover the other styles of summer.

Caliente style, ethnic Mexican. Red, mustard yellow, green and orange will be there. We celebrate tropical and patterns, mix natural materials, metal and ceramics. It’s colorful and eclectic.

Elegance style. In shades of beige, gray and gold, we modernize the classic chic style with patterns such as pineapple or palm leaf and trendy materials such as brass.

Coachella style, very hippie chic. Entirely in shades of beige, white and pastels, we highlight a bohemian style. Handicraft know-how is popular with wall macrame, weaves, crochet and other feather dreamcatchers.

Admit that these trends have something to inspire us! There really is something for every decor style, something that Maisons du Monde always makes a point of delivering in its collections. In any case for me, I told you, their catalog and their trendy photos are a great source of inspiration.

* This post was written in partnership with Maisons du Monde. All opinions expressed are mine *

Discover the 6 summer decor styles unveiled by Maisons du Monde and get inspired to add color to your home or garden



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