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Crochet towels DIY

Crochet towels DIY



In the last few years I discovered knitting for myself. Since this blog has existed, I’ve tried out a lot of new ideas, worked a lot and tinkered. Knitting has become a real passion. Since I’ve knitted and re-knitted everything you can imagine, it’s no longer that easy to keep coming up with something new. And so here comes a not entirely new knitting idea, but implemented a little differently. In the kitchen I already have a knitted towel with a star pattern, in the bathroom upstairs I have a nice crocheted washcloth. Now something knitted was needed in the bathroom too. I tried different patterns, but all worked in the same format and from the same yarn (Cotton Wool from Stoff & Stil).

Variant 1: knitted guest towel

I just knitted the first two pieces in garter stitch. To do this, I picked up 60 stitches and knitted all stitches on the right side, as well as the stitches on the back row. This creates this curly pattern on both sides that I really like. The disadvantage of this pattern is that it takes a long time because the rows are drawn together a lot. In return, the pattern has the great advantage that the knitted piece does not curl up at the edges and becomes nice and voluminous. So perfect for this knitting idea.

After the necessary height has been reached to get a perfect square, we tie off tightly. The first attempt was a bit irregular because I didn’t really have the thread tension under control. With the second guest towel it was much better. It is very important to knit tightly in order to get an even stitch structure.

Variant 2: crocheted guest towel

The second variant is crocheted and has a great pattern. The technology is copied from classic pot holders. How to crochet potholders was already sufficiently explained back then in school, wasn’t it? Here I found a great video tutorial on how to do that. I just left out the hanger and crocheted until my size of 45 x 45 cm was reached.

First form an initial and then a chain stitch. This is then stabbed in the back and then crocheted 3 stitches in this one stitch. At the end of the first row crochet a finishing stitch that we repeat on every row. Turn the work and crochet the first stitch normally, crochet 3 stitches in the middle stitch, this will later create the corner in the middle. In order for the pattern to look nice, only pierce the back of the two arches. Now you have to count a little so that you always catch the middle stitch of the respective row. When in doubt, use a stitch marker to help.

Time required: 3 – 4 hours / piece | Material costs: approx. € 10

After a few rows you can already see the beautiful pattern and the towel is now growing gradually. When the desired size is reached, simply cut the thread and pull it through the last stitch. Then sew up the protruding threads. The towel stretches a little when you hang it up, it looks very pretty right away. Instead of the hanger, leather labels were attached. I have ordered a new variant again, which can be wonderfully placed around the edges of the knitted pieces and fixed.

It was a few hours of work, but I think it was really worth it. The beautiful little towels are real flatterers and also look highly decorative.

I’ll be working on a new knitting idea for you …

A new knitting idea for the bathroom: self-knitted and crocheted guest towels. They are practical and look good!




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