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Creative Table Presentations

Creative Table Presentations



Creative Table Presentations

Our Turkish hospitality is known around the world. We are happy to welcome our friends, friends and relatives. We enjoy being with our loved ones around long tables. Food is an excuse actually! The main purpose; It is to spend time with our loved ones and to satisfy longing by chatting. When we have invited guests, our tables are set with special care. We also make use of different creative ideas to leave personal traces and flavors on our tables. Do not forget to include your children in this stage while preparing creative table presentations. Make sure your baby is very happy to make great presentations in cooperation.

You can use the items you do not use in your home and bring them back to life thanks to recycling projects.

What Can You Use When Preparing Creative Desk Presentations?


Natural Flowers

Artificial flowers

Cinnamon Shells


Laurel and Olive Leaves

Pine Trees


Little cute accessories

Cupcake Stand

Porcelain Teapot

Shelled nuts

Tiny Latches


Ribbon and straw ropes

Ice cream cones

Fruits; pineapple, orange, tangerine, apple, pomegranate, etc.

How would you like to examine the different creative table presentations to make the tables impressive? I have brought together the ideas I like for you.

1. Napkins Decorated with Cinnamon and Fresh Leaves

2. You can bring vitality to the table with tiny accessories!


3. How about tying dried wheat with colored ribbon and putting it in your favorite vase? Shelled almonds also add a nice look to the table.


4. Colorful plants, fruits, candles floating in lanterns…


5. Pegs and green-toned leaves add a pleasant atmosphere to the presentation.

Source: Organize sem Frescuras!

3. How about cutting the lemons into round slices and throwing them in a glass vase filled with water to refresh your heart?


6. How does the idea of ​​placing a plastic bag on the part that comes into contact with water so that the live flowers do not rot quickly in the water sound?


7. You can place artificial flowers inside the ice cream cone and store them in a glass vase.


8. You can decorate the Cupcake Stands with flowers, pine leaves and cones according to the season.


9. Pineapples, leaves are details that add beauty to the table …


10. You can place a candle by cutting the head of the apple deep and round. Your table will be delicious with the scent of apple.


11. Colorful macarons will color your presentation.


12. Pomegranates and leaves give the presentation an original feel.


13. Your flowers like Mis in porcelain teapots …

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Click here if you want to be inspired by candle decoration ideas for Creative Table Presentation.

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