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Creative Outdoor Spaces and Design Ideas

Creative Outdoor Spaces and Design Ideas



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I’m so ready to get started on several outdoor projects this spring. My outdoor project “wish list” is getting longer and longer. The more time I spend on my Pinterest Boards, researching creative outdoor spaces and solutions for my backyard/patio, the longer my list gets. I’m sure you guys who also dream on Pinterest can relate.

I can’t do all of these projects but I sure can share them with you guys. Maybe one of these ideas is the perfect creative outdoor solution for you.

Patios and Pergolas

If you’re looking for some type of creative pergola, seating wall and patio combination, this is a fantastic tutorial from Hansen Family Chaos:

via Hansen Family Chaos

Pergola design in dark brown/black finish:

via House and Home

Modern pergola and patio design:

via HGTV

Ireally love this design layout for a mini pergola swing. This would be fairly easy to DIY!

via Landmark Pavers

A multi-level seating area created with concrete/stucco finish:

via Decorpad

via Conklin Limestone

Patio area created with gravel and fire pit.

Thom Filicia via House Beautiful

Here is a similar layout with gravel and a fire pit from Style Me Pretty.

Another inexpensive and creative way to make an outdoor patio is using large pavers and gravel:

via Zen Shmen

Outdoor Kitchen and Bars

High up on my list this spring/summer is to find a way to build and incorporate an outdoor kitchen and bar area. Below are some of my favorite kitchen designs.

via Jackie Glass

via BHG

via Lorraine G Vale

via The Collins Group

Outdoor Fireplaces and Pits

There are so many creative design ideas online for outdoor fireplaces and pits. Here’s a creative design layout for a combination fireplace, seating wall and pergola:

via Tulsa Brick Works

I love this fireplace with a brick oven combination:

via Paradise Restored Portland Landscape

I love this more modern fireplace design with the small pergola:

via Milieu Design Peter Wodarz

via Jeffrey Gordon Smith via Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscaping

So many creative outdoor spaces and design ideas. I have to make a final design decision in the next couple of weeks on what we want to tackle. Do you have any big spring outdoor projects in your plans? I would love to know!

By the way, if you’re planning on painting any of your outdoor furniture and accessories, I have a detailed post here on the best paints to use if you’re interested.

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Create a stunning patio and backyard with these creative outdoor spaces and design ideas that will surely inspire you.




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