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Clever Garden Container Ideas You Never Thought Of!

Clever Garden Container Ideas You Never Thought Of!



Container gardening is popular everywhere, it’s not just for those with small gardens or living in apartments and condos. Creating a creative container garden that has character and personality isn’t as easy though. If you aren’t looking for the same old boring terra cotta pots, then we’ve gotcha covered. Here are some great ideas for creative gardening, using some really clever garden container ideas you never thought of! (But wish you had!)

Clever Garden Container Ideas

We have a bunch of really great garden container ideas for you, and they are all really unique. (We love being original! You?)

First, let’s start off with this really cute garden container idea from ‘Succulents & Sunshine‘. These bird cage plant containers are really creative! She has two sources for you on where to find these mini bird cages. Although you could plant a container like this with something else (moss would LOVE this), this site is our resource for anything concerning succulents. You can learn a lot here!

This DIY garden container was made using a salvage container and an old vintage street sign. Complete tutorial on how to do this window box project at ‘Midwest Living‘.

These rusted metal pipes are the perfect plant container for these sun loving succulents. Although we don’t have a source for this photo, we would suggest using landscape adhesive to connect several together to give the “planter” stability. Or, you could bury the pipes part way into the ground. Fill with soil and plant the top. The open bottom will offer succulents the perfect amount of drainage they love.

You can be creative with your container gardens, without being tacky. Recycling and repurposing are the buzz words in so many gardens now, so take advantage of what you have around you, and look at it in new ways. This tool box garden container should have some holes drilled into the bottom for drainage.

This garden container idea is from ‘DIY Network‘, and is another take on the tool box garden above. Not quite as “rusty vintage” but we like the kind of whimsical industrial look of this plant container.

If you want a natural garden container, look no further than a dead log! Hollow out the log, kind of like a canoe. Add planting mix and plants! Any trailing plant is going to look amazing in a planter like this! Photo by ‘Sunnte’.

‘Postcards From the Ridge‘ made the same type of garden container on a smaller scale using driftwood. She has a complete tutorial on how to fill the planter, why you should use moss, and what plants work best. This is like art! Perfect for the patio, or tucked into the garden next to a path as the perfect little surprise!

Try our very own DIY cinder block planter project. You can make this as small or as large and complex as you like. Bet you never thought cinder blocks could be so cool!

Make this repurposed vintage box garden container by adding some hairpin legs. Find this complete tutorial for this plant container project at ‘Robb Restyle‘.

Use recycled old terra cotta drainage pipes to create one of a kind planters. This garden container idea is from ‘Midwest Living‘.

This vintage tub was used as a unique garden container at the Pasadena Showcase House. Can you think of a more romantic plant container than this? Photo by ‘Karol Franks‘.

If you’ve never seen a balloon concrete garden container, than prepared to be excited. You can actually make these planters! We found tutorials using two different techniques at ‘Artsy Pretty Plants‘, and ‘Made by Barb‘. Both are different depending on where you are going to use them and what kind of finish you want to have. Remember, if you want a deep charcoal color like this one, to add concrete dye. Photo from ‘Ogrodowisko’.

Make a straw purse planter with this tutorial from Stephanie at ‘Garden Therapy‘ It isn’t as simple as just tossing in some dirt and plants, so go check out her tips on how to make this plant container!

Another garden container idea using nature. This DIY tree branch planter is from ‘The Succulent Eclectic‘. Easy to do with a drill and a saw!

We hope you are as excited as we are about these clever garden container ideas we KNOW you never thought of! But maybe you have some great ideas of your own? Share in comments! We think you will also love our posts on DIY Outdoor Planter Ideas & Projects and Hanging Baskets : Secrets the Pros Use!

Looking for unique garden container ideas? Us too! These clever plant container ideas and projects will give your garden a one of a kind look!




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