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Christmas magic in the November garden

Christmas magic in the November garden



Just wanted to let me look very briefly … from my oblivion … But there is so much going on for me right now … Besides, I was sick until a few days ago. Since I was decorating outside in the garden today, I wanted to leave you a little bit of Christmas magic ♥

In terms of Christmas, I’m already quite far in the house… But nothing has happened in front of the house. So today I got some moss and cut off all kinds of fir branches in the garden….

Christmas magic on your doorstep

I already tied my wreath for the front door yesterday. This year, I have decided, someone will come to the door again. To do this, the man of the heart screwed a smaller screw hook into the wooden door. That was also the reason why there was no wreath for the last four years…. If the front door is new, you defend yourself against such things … at least I do;))

Iused yew twigs, twigs from my dwarf pine and ivy for the large wreath. I also tied olive branches and eucalyptus into it….

This old tub still belonged to my grandma. With a little moss and a mason jar decorated with a candle, it comes to new honors! ♥

… and in the planter bowl has also moved Christmas magic in the form of moss and angels … I love larch cones! That’s why I recently collected a lot 🙂

Ilove to decorate on different levels and so I dug out my tree trunks again. They are also always valuable in summer … if I need an intermediate level …

This time I filled them with moss and put a jar with a candle on top of each one … .. In addition, a wreath of ivy adorns each glass …

Sebastian from @ my.gardenlife showed a great DIY on Instagram…. A fir tree made of fir branches, a pot, a stick of wood or a branch and sticking material….

Simply tie the branches together at the top. The branch is placed in a flower pot with putty, then the fir branches are tied together. you can decorate the tree a little and cover the plugging material with moss. Sebastian linked the DIY in the Instagram highlights … ..

I hope now my Christmas magic, rather garden magic sweetens your evening now, have it fine and be pressed ♥♥♥

I’m taking part in: Garden happiness

Just wanted to let me have a look … But since I was decorating in the garden today, I wanted to give you a little bit of Christmas magic




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