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Christmas lights on my decorative ladder

Christmas lights on my decorative ladder



Christmas lanterns for my decorative ladder

DIY instructions for Christmas lanterns

For this Christmas DIY you will need the following materials:

small jam jars

Craft wire

red decorative ribbon

white acrylic varnish

Wooden ladder. Decorative ladder

fairy lights

Bend the suspension device into shape

With the help of pliers and a piece of craft wire, you can easily attach a hanging device to the glasses.

To do this, you wrap a long piece of craft wire around the jam jar. Use a pair of pliers to twist the wire on both sides.

Stick a star on the jam jar

Now you stick a self-adhesive star, which can be easily removed from the jar, on the jam jars. Paint the glass with white spray paint. After the paint is dry, carefully peel off the star. Of course you can also use other motifs such as a bell, an angel or maybe a Christmas tree.

Attach the decorative ribbon

Iused a red ribbon to hang the lanterns. Especially at Christmas time, red in combination with white has a festive effect and exudes a certain joie de vivre and vitality.

Hang up lanterns

So, now it’s time to hang up. If you don’t have a decorative ladder, you can also hang the lanterns on a tree or bush. Tip: You can easily make a decorative ladder yourself. With a few hazelnut branches that you knot together with a sturdy cord, you get a beautiful, very natural-looking decorative ladder. Just try it. The result looks really great.

Lantern and fairy lights provide a Christmas glow on our decorative ladder

My little white lantern has also joined the lanterns. The many years outdoors in wind and weather have been a bit of a strain on her. But I really like this shabby look. A red and white plaid decorative ribbon even makes my shabby lantern look festive!

So that the ladder shines really brightly, I also wrapped a chain of lights around the rungs. This Cotton Ball light chain creates an atmospheric, soft light and sets wonderful light accents.

There is space for tea lights in the lanterns. Instead of the tea lights, you can also use LED tea lights. So you can leave the lanterns burning unattended without hesitation.

And this is how my Christmas lights look on the decorative ladder in the dark.

Who would have thought that this old ladder, which used to be used only for work, would one day shine in such Christmas lights?

Now I am even more happy when I go to the horses in the stable in the evening and am welcomed by these bright Christmas lights.

I wish you a wonderful fourth Sunday in Advent. Don’t let all the Christmas preparations stress you too much and enjoy the beautiful Christmas season.

In this sense all the best and see you soon,

Tomorrow on December 21st we will have winter solstice and the days will be longer again from then on. In the Nordic countries this day is celebrated with light parades. Unfortunately, we only celebrate the summer solstice. Fires are lit high up on the summit of the surrounding mountains and thus the beginning of summer is welcomed. I am always very happy when the winter solstice finally takes place, as the sun only shines for a few minutes on the shady side from November to the end of December. So that the dark season is not quite so dark, we have all the fairy lights, lanterns and candles in our house and garden. Everywhere in the front gardens of the houses it glitters and sparkles. I love these Christmas lights so much. Under the tree, next to the horse stable, there is still my decorative ladder, which I hung with small flower vases in autumn. Now I came up with the idea of ​​making lanterns out of small jam jars, which should really make my ladder glow and shine. Traditionally in red and white, my decorative ladder now shines in festive lights. A Christmas decoration idea that is very quick and easy to make. And the great thing about it: it doesn’t cost anything!

Small lanterns made from jam jars enchant an old wooden ladder with a Christmas glow.



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