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Can you quilt with a regular sewing machine

Can you quilt with a regular sewing machine



The short answer to the question is YES you can. You can quilt with a regular sewing machine.

With the machine you already own.

Provided you have the tools and be ready to learn.

There are two ways you can do so, straight-line quilting with a walking foot or any design you wish to quilt on those quilt with a free motion quilting foot.

Envy those beautiful swirly quilting you’ve seen on those quilts you see?

Yes, you can quilt that on a regular sewing machine too!

When I started quilting, this was my question too. Can that type of quilting be done on a regular sewing machine? On my small Janome at that time?

Is it possible?

This was my machine and among the early quilt I quilted back in 2011. You can find the article and photos of the finished quilt is here>>

Iloved the textures I see in those beautifully quilted quilts.

I know for sure straight line quilting is possible but still, there was quite a learning curve learning about the walking foot, by my heart sings for those beautiful pebbles, swirls and waves. Not to mention feathers!!!

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And then I tried, and tried and learned. A lot. Practiced a lot.

And I bought a couple of tools to make my quilting even more enjoyable and helpful!

Free Motion Quilting Tools like these were game-changing:

THIS very thread. And they come in big cones. which means they last longer before I have to change thread. I use an embroidery thread stand for it. You can get cheap 1. I literally changed my minds about threads, when I started using. And they come in big cones. which means they last longer before I have to change thread. I use an embroidery thread stand for it. You can get cheap thread stand like this one here which has great reviews.

2. Superior Thread Top Stitch Needles. I use this for all my sewing and FMQ. Really. In fact, I kind of find it a bit off when I have to use a needle that is not coloured gold as these needles are. Plus they last long and sharp even after lots of quilting. 3. My trusty sticky Glove. Any brand works for me, but I personally love the one that is breathable cotton like this one. 4. Spray Baste. I am not a fan of taking off safety pins. This makes it so much quicker and allows me to cruise without fear of getting onto a pin. I personally love this Spray baste. 5. My large throat Janome Horizon machine of course! However, you won’t need all of these tools to start. Just a reminder, I started with the very basic sewing machine and just a regular free motion quilting foot. And still managed to quilt a queen-size quilt. Just upgrade as you feel more confident and want to ease a couple of things that bothers you. If you are looking for a generic free motion quilting foot that suits a regular domestic machine, HERE is one with a great 5-Star review.

And the tools were not as expensive as a long arm machine.

Any quilting design is possible even when you quilt with a regular machine.

And YES, you can do similar quilting design with a regular sewing machine almost of what the long arm machine does,

I know anything is possible if you put your heart to it. It may be harder, but it gets easier with actions and the correct steps.

YES, you can quilt beautifully on a regular sewing machine! You just have to start somewhere.

And that somewhere may be ugly at first, but it is a start!

Learn the steps to master different designs. It is not easy but was certainly worth it.

Getting to free motion quilt on your own domestic machine is so satisfying, and a lot of fun.

Once you’ve mastered free motion quilting, you’ll discover the potential of free motion quilting to quilt various motifs other than just straight lines. You can incorporate various motifs onto your quilt, making them more customised and inject a little more of you into the quilt.

I certainly have enjoyed free motion quilting and love that the fact now that I have mastered it, I can either quickly get a quilt finished or take time and enjoy custom quilting it.

Advantages of quilting on a regular machine

If you can free-motion quilt on your own machine, you’ll be able to Save money as you won’t need to send it to a professional quilter and you don’t need to buy an expensive long arm machine You can then create charity quilt and gifts at no extra cost than just using what’s already in your stash and getting it all done on your very own machine explore a new additional creative outlet where you can freely add more of you to your creation

and finish a quilt at your chosen pace and no cueing at the professional long arm. Talk about some last-minute gift.


If you are interested to learn how to free motion quilt with your sewing machine, I would love to invite you to join the free Class I offer for beginners and the course has helped so many!

Simply click the link below and sign up! I would love to see you on the other side.

Here are what others have said about the free course:

Short answer is YES, you can quilt with a regular sewing machine. Any design is possible. Learn how to master quilting with your sewing machine and enjoy the beautiful textured quilt.




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