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Build your own plant stand with IKEA boxes

Build your own plant stand with IKEA boxes



Craft instructions

Step 1: assemble the boxes

First the boxes are screwed together according to the instructions.

Step 2: attach the flat connectors

Then the KNAGGLIG boxes are turned over and placed side by side. Then the two flat connectors must be attached to the bottom. This works best with a cordless screwdriver while the boxes are held together well.

The third flat connector can be attached to the back, which will be on the wall. This gives the whole construction even more support.

The KNAGGLIG boxes are held together by flat connectors

Step 3: saw the round wooden sticks to size

I shortened the round wooden sticks to 80cm. You can use a jigsaw or a simple hand saw for this. The ends must then be smoothed well with fine-grain sandpaper to avoid splinters in the hands.

Step 4: pre-drill holes for the legs of the plant stand

Now the round wooden sticks must be attached. To do this, I first placed them on the lower two wooden strips of the boxes. A wooden slat measures 7 cm. I took the middle and a spot closer to the edge of the box and marked it with a pencil.

The markings can be used for the round wooden sticks. Then the holes can be carefully and slowly pre-drilled and ground off.

The round wooden sticks are attached to the boxes with screws

Step 5: screw the rods tight

By pre-drilling the screws are much easier to countersink and it is also better for the wood of the KNAGGLIG boxes. Without pre-drilling there is a risk of it bursting.

Step 6: set up the plant stand straight

After all the screws have been screwed in, the DIY Plant Stand can be set up. A spirit level can be used to check whether it has become straight. In the case of minor bumps, the ends of the legs can be sanded down a little. ☺️

The straight position can be checked with a spirit level

Our VIBlerin shows us with simple IKEA hack instructions how to turn two KNAGGLIG boxes into an individual plant stand.



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