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Build wall paneling yourself

Build wall paneling yourself



From the first inspection of the house, we knew that a chic wall paneling would later be built in the stairwell. Just like in the old country house style. This disguise is known in English “wainscoting”. This cassette wall cladding does not cost much because it is not made of real wood but can be easily built yourself with MDF panels.

After a year after moving in, the stairwell should finally be renovated. Here for you to imitate and for inspiration my DIY building instructions to make yourself.

Here you can see what the wall looked like in front of the paneling. A simple front wall made of plasterboard, filled and sanded.

We saved ourselves the deletion below.

After making a rough drawing, I got the material for the wall paneling from the local OBI hardware store.

The required tool:

Cordless screwdriver

Angle and protractor

Folding rule and pen silicone syringe screws and dowels circular saw

One-handed force

The material

MDF panels – already roughly cut by a hardware store

Decorative strips made of wood

Installation glue

Wooden filler

Wood varnish

Wall paint

duct tape


Attaching the MDF panels

In order to have as few screw holes as possible in the 10mm thick MDF panels later, I simply glued the frame boards to the plaster wall with assembly adhesive. First, I attached the footboard.

In the area of ​​the stairs I attached it about 0.5mm above the steps. So later when sweeping the stairs, no annoying lint and animal hair stick to the small ledge.

The areas between the frames just stay with me as a wall. Later, when everything is deleted, you can no longer see any difference. This also saves costs for more material and space.

To ensure that the angles are all right in the end, precision work is essential.

The division of the fields should match the stretch of the wall as harmoniously as possible. For me, the fields are around 50cm wide.

Now the frames at the staircase are added.

I built a template for the miter so that the profile strips used fit exactly later.

The wooden profiles were then simply attached to the MDF panels with wood glue and a stapler.

Now the finishing strip is missing. To do this, I nailed wooden strips from above into the MDF panels. You have to nail very close to the wall so that the nails don’t get through below.

So that the bar holds better when fastening, I clamped it with clamps.

I glued a profile strip under this end strip for the country house look.

I smeared and sanded the screw holes with OBI wooden spatula.

Now you can really imagine the result. Now all that’s missing is the color.

I used OBI Buntlack for the MDF panels. I painted a total of three times. The fields in between are simply painted with wall paint.

The result

I am totally satisfied with the result. The wall paneling goes great with our house and underlines the country house charm. The banister is made individually by my brother and fits very harmoniously into the overall picture.

My book tip:

Building instructions for paneling in the stairwell. Simple, cheap and individual.




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