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A birdhouse can fulfill two different functions: it can provide the birds with a place to nest, or it can contain food to help themselves on on cold days. Bird house is just the umbrella term for both variants.

Screw 28 branches with a length of 32 cm onto the roof and floor. Screw 12 branches with a length of 22 cm to the outside of the house. Cover the back and front with branches as desired. Fill gaps in the roof with moss.

Screw the pre-drilled 20 cm branches lengthways to the 22 cm branches to form two frames. In two of the 28 cm long branches, drill a hole at one end with a distance of 2 cm. For the roof: screw the other two 28 cm branches through the drilled holes at a 45 ° angle. Connect the frame and roof with three 20 cm branches.

A bird house for nesting is also called a nest box, a bird house for providing feed, a feed house or a feed silo. But the birdhouses differ greatly in appearance, function and construction.

Abirdhouse for feeding is more open. The birds can enter the interior of the house through many larger entrances. There the food is ready in a bowl, protected by a roof so that it does not get moldy. A feed silo, on the other hand, is a tall house in which the feed is filled into a device that tapers towards the bottom and slowly slides down when the trough under the silo is empty. The advantage here in contrast to a normal bird feeder is that you do not have to refill the feed as often and the birds cannot soil it.

Garden design Build a bird house Winter is coming: With the bird house you help domestic birds to find food

A birdhouse for nesting is like a cave or a semi-cave (depending on which bird species you want to address). It is a closed box with an entrance hole. The nesting boxes are hung up in March at the latest, before the birds’ breeding season begins. The boxes can be removed and cleaned in September or October, because by then the birds will have left the box with their offspring.

Build a birdhouse out of branches

We show a very inexpensive version of a nesting place in these building instructions, because the material – tree pruning and branches – can be found in your garden. The little house built with branches fits seamlessly into the garden and is hardly noticeable when hung on a tree. This nesting box is especially suitable for those who prefer to work with a thumbs-up rather than accurate to the millimeter – the little house still looks great!

Garden design build your own birdhouse The mix of materials of wood, pipe and masonry is what makes the birdhouse so attractive

Before you follow the step-by-step instructions, you should have made the following preparations: Cut four branches each (Ø 2 – 4 cm) to 20, 22 and 28 cm. Drill a hole in the shortest branches at the ends with a distance of 2 cm. Then construction can start. For just 5 euros, the birdhouse made from branches is an absolute bargain and also super easy to build – so it is also suitable for beginners. In addition, you hardly need any tools: a drill / screwdriver, a cordless screwdriver, a tacker and a garden saw are sufficient.

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This rustic birdhouse made of branches is quick to build using tree cuttings and branches that you now thin out in the garden




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