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BEST Solar Fence Lights [10+ Solar Fence Lighting Ideas

BEST Solar Fence Lights [10+ Solar Fence Lighting Ideas



Do you have a garden where you like to spend a lot of time with your family or friends after dark? Or would you like to improve the amount of safety and security you have around your property? Maybe you have already invested in some solar lamp post lights and are now looking to transform the fence in your garden.

The best solution for both these problems might just be solar fence lights. Particularly if you want a lighting solution that is eco-friendly, requires little to no maintenance, is affordably priced and does the job it was designed to do effectively.

These handy solar lights options can help to brighten up just about anywhere around your property, whether it’s your pathway, porch, decking, driveway, vegetable patch or lawn.

They provide illumination for the exterior of your property all night, acting as a type of security light. Every night and what’s more, rather than causing your electricity bills to increase, they take advantage of one of the planet’s free sources of energy – the sun.

Best Solar Fence Lights for Your Back Yard

Simple to set up where ever you want or need light. Just position, the often-inbuilt, solar panel so it’s best able to collect the sunlight and the LED solar light will do the rest (learn how they work here). Charging the batteries of that power them during daylight so that they are ready to shine bright when darkness falls

With so many solar fence lights, out there right now though, including those that light from dusk to dawn and those that have a PIR motion sensor, you may find it hard to pick the best product. That’s where we come in. In the following post, we will discuss 10 solar fence lights we believe are the best, so you don’t need to hunt high and low for best for your purpose.

First, in our guide, we have this affordable price solar lighting solution from Greluna. These are outdoor solar lights that will really add a lovely feel to gardens and patio alike.

Easy to install and, like all solar lights, do not have unsightly and complicated external wiring. They can be mounted on fence panels or a wall with the screws provided, alternatively with 3M mounting tape.

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Once installed, they are very easy to use and need barely any maintenance, these feature the choice of two modes – warm white or color-changing with the simple flick of the switch at the back, offering a soft amber glow throughout the year but with the LED technology the option of color for a party or the festive season.

They benefit from the construction of ABS material that makes them both durable and weatherproof with a rating of IP65 and can withstand any weather conditions.

A full charge for the rechargeable battery of these solar lights takes about 6-hours and provides you with 8-hours of illumination.

Why We Liked Them

Easy to install and use

Choice of two lighting modes

IP65 waterproof rating

Affordable 8-pack

Next up, we have a pack of 4 powerful LED solar lights for your fences from the highly reputable company Baxia Technology. Each light has 28 powerful and effective LEDs and produces light with a brightness of 400-lumens.

As they feature motion-sensing detectors, they will only light up during the dark or at night when there is movement. So, not only will they save you money as they charge up using sunlight during the day, but also because they only illuminate when they are needed.

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What’s more, they can pick up motion at 10-feet away, so as well as your property and household being safe, you will be too.

They are fully protected against adverse weather conditions thanks to their durable construction and IP65 waterproof rating and have an automatic shut-off feature that switches the light off when no motion is detected for 30-seconds.

Why We Liked Them

Bright and wide lighting option


Automatic shut-off


The next in our guide is this 4-pack of affordable and high quality, solar wooden fence post top lights. These are designed to sit on top of appropriately sized fence posts to light up the area around them. They produce a warm amber light which results from a combination of the LED inside the light and the reflector that it bounces off.

They have 5 lumens for each light, which will be a wonderful decoration for your pathway, but maybe not be as practical if you need a lighting solution that really lights your way.

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Thanks to the solar panel on the top of these light fixtures, they charge for around 8 to 10 hours under direct sunlight and then can provide at least 6 to 8 hours of light from dusk through to dawn. They are designed to automatically switch on when night falls and turn themselves off when it’s bright again.

Although they have a slightly lower waterproof rating of IP44 compared to others in our list, they are still able to handle most weather conditions.

Why We Liked Them

Quick and easy installation with simple screws and wall plugs

Smart design, only work when they are needed


Classic aesthetics

From Othway, we have a rather stylish solar lighting solution for your fences and posts in and around your property. They have an appealing and eye-catching honeycomb-style plastic covering which makes them stand out from the crowd somewhat.

As you’ve seen with other solar lights in this guide already, this lovely little LED solar light features a sensor that automatically switch ON and OFF as daylight fades.

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We like this feature because once the lights are installed you no longer need to think about them. The body is made from tough and durable plastic and despite being easy to install, once they are where you want them to be, they won’t budge.

Whether it rains, snows or is blustery, they are designed to withstand all kinds of weather.

Why We Liked Them

Modern honeycomb-designed light covering

Automatically turns on and off

Installation can be done in minutes

Short charging time

From Nacinic, these stylish round-shaped outdoor solar lights offer illumination with a brightness level of 600-lumens, perfect for providing those accented touches of light around your property and garden or for path lights as when the sun goes down they will automatically turn ON.

Made from ABS plastic they are high quality and thanks to their waterproof rating of IP65 they will withstand all weather conditions.

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Easy to install and, as with all LED lights, there is no wiring involved. On a full charge, approx 8 hours, these solar lights come on for between 8 and 12 hours. The solar panel is angled on the top for maximum exposure to the sun.

You don’t even need to worry about turning them ON or OFF as these outdoor solar lights automatically turn ON when daylight fades and OFF as the sun rises. Thanks to their versatile design and easy installation these solar energy outdoor lights can also be used as deck lights for patio lighting or even for the porch or above a door if you prefer.

Why We Liked Them

Attractive spherical shape

Compact and inconspicuous

Simple installation

Switch on and off automatically

Our next product is a very effective, if quirky designed solar lights that resembles a UFO. A pack of 6 lights, each features 9-LEDs and has recently been upgraded with larger and wider solar panels, for better exposure to sunlight for charging the lithium-ion battery.

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The best feature of all is just how versatile each little LED light is with four simple and quick different ways to mount them you can even put them on the guttering for a downlight illumination onto your deck or patio.

Made from a high-quality, very durable and eco-friendly ABS plastic that ensures they meet their IP55 rating for waterproofing.

Why We Liked Them

Versatile installation options

Upgraded design

Uses 9-LEDs per light

Unique and quirky design

These incredibly inexpensive Paradise solar accent LED lights. They have a very classic, but sophisticated design and each solar light can produce 10-lumens each with a color temperature of 3500 to 3745K.

If you are not fond of fiddling too much with DIY tasks and projects, these are ideal as each is very easy to set up and install solar powered LED light.

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Unlike many of the other options we’ve featured, they are built from cast aluminum, which gives them a very traditional and sturdy look and appeal. A wonderful solar outdoor for garden fence posts.

All in all, these are a simple but elegant solution to providing the exterior of your property with solar energy lighting.

Why We Liked Them

Elegant design

Easy to install and use

Made from sturdy cast-aluminum

Despite a lower lumen-count, they are still bright

From the aptly named company Home Zone, we wanted to highlight next these great security solar powered lights that can be installed onto the fencing, decking or steps, around your property.

We love the modern and very curvy design of this light fixture and the fact they are constructed from high-grade stainless steel and advanced crystalline solar panels to provide durability while looking great and provide light from the sun for many years to come.

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Once these solar lights are in place and fully charged, you don’t need to worry about them as the lights come ON automatically as it gets dark and switch OFF then when the sun comes up again.

Each fence solar light is incredibly versatile as they can be mounted just about anywhere and are highly water and weatherproof, so you get an excellent return on your relatively small investment.

Why We Liked Them

Versatile, can be mounted just about anywhere

Aesthetically pleasing curved design

Automatically turns on and off

Durable stainless-steel construction

The penultimate product we have in our guide is these pretty solar powered fence lights from LeiDrail. We really like the stunning diamond-shape. The plastic covering is durable polysilicon and these solar lights give a warm white light from the LED bulbs.

Once the solar panels have done their work and the battery is fully charged, after 6-8 hours, each solar light will give 8-10 hours light. It’s certainly a little different from the more traditional lantern-style look. If you fancy a little light in the garden these are even discreet enough to pop onto trees for a little bit of wow.

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Another stand out feature of this light is the fact that although it takes approximately 8 hours to full charge, it will illuminate for an impressive 10 to 12 hours during the night. Which puts it head and shoulders above the rest of the competition in terms of run time.

It also benefits from a weather and heat resistant design and is versatile in its design that it can be placed just about anywhere, not just on top or on the side of a fence, but also stairs, decking or even your front door.

Why We Liked Them

Eye-catching diamond design

Generously long run time

Compact and portable design

Setup takes four easy steps

The last in our guide is this quirky and is the best eye-catching solar fence lights solution, different from the standard LED light bulbs, from a company called Aityvery. This solar powered solar light fixture stands out because it resembles a flame flickering away behind the covering. We think this is a nice and dramatic addition to any home or property.

The solar lights can be installed on a fence or decks and patios. Like others we’ve featured, this light automatically switches on and the sun goes down and then turns off again in the morning.

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With this, you get more than just a pretty product though, it’s also fully water and dustproof to IP65 level no need to worry about it staying in good condition even when the weather turns bad.

For around 8 to 10 hours of sun, it’s fully charged, and you get about 10 hours illumination from the summer sunlight, which sadly reduces to an understandable 5 hours during the winter.

Why We Liked Them

IP65 water and dustproof rated

Generously long run time in summer

Dancing flames-style lighting

Automatic on and off

Frequently Asked Questions

Now you are ready to go out there and buy some of these wonderful solar fence lighting fixtures and finish of all that hard work that you put into your landscape gardens.

Sit back and enjoy your surroundings under the stars with the easy to install, low maintenance illumination of your solar garden lights, with the added bonus of them being super energy efficient so no worrying about the electric bill as sunlight is all you need.

How to attach solar lights to fence?

You have your solar lighting for garden fences and now you need to get them up and running. To attach the solar lights to fence panels is very simple usually just involving putting a few screws in. Obviously there are many designs and options and you will get installation instructions with the solar fence lights.

Work out a plan on where you want to attach the solar lights and consider if there will be enough sunlight for the solar panel to charge the rechargeable battery fully, by placing the lights at the top of the fence you can ensure that there is no shadow cast onto the solar panel.

Work out the spacing you require, closer together if the use is as path lights, randomly around the garden can highlight certain landscape features or an equal distance apart along the fence to highlight the perimeter of your garden. Depending on the type of fencing and solar fence lights installation may vary.

What are the best solar fence lights?

The best solar fence lights you would imagine as being the brightest, but this is not always the case. Yes, if you are going to be using solar lighting as path lights the light will need to be a bright clear white light with a few more lumens, or brightness to you and me, to enable you to see well when you arrive home late.

But, outdoor solar lights for your front or backyard fence can be just for aesthetics with a soft light that has a warm white glow and will add the finishing touch to your landscape garden, or, they can be used as deck lights for those relaxing evenings under the stars without being in darkness.

Therefore, it is very important that you decide on the use of the solar lights for garden fences before rushing out and buying the design and style you love but which may not be the best solar garden light for you.

What is the best lumens for solar lights?

The best lumens for solar lights will vary depending on the use that they are intended for. Solar lighting for decoration and highlighting certain areas of your garden will normally be anywhere from 15 – 150 lumens.

But, if you are looking to use outdoor solar lights for more practical lighting of larger areas such as a driveway, then they can range between 300 – 1000 lumens.

What is a PIR motion sensor solar light?

Most solar lights have sensors, either PIR (passive Infrared) motion sensors or light sensors. The motion sensor will automatically turn ON for a short period of illumination when motion is detected and when there is no longer any movement will turn OFF.

Whereas, a light sensor will detect the fact the light levels have dropped and turn ON for constant illumination until the light level returns, otherwise known as Auto ON-OFF or dusk to dawn light.

Looking to bring some light into your garden? Solar fence lights are perfect. No wiring, no fuss, simply screw them in and you’ve got yourself an illuminated garden.



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