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Best Propane Fire Pit Tables in 2020 Top 10 Product Reviews

Best Propane Fire Pit Tables in 2020 Top 10 Product Reviews



A fire pit table is a piece of furniture set to enhance the ambiance of luxury and style to your outdoor patio. Based on the most implicit information, we can say that this is a table with a fire burning in a cavity underneath to provide warmth and comfort to all those sitting in the immediate vicinity.

As long as the chilly nights threaten to ruin the comfort and habitability of your backyard, the best propane fire pit table is ever ready to save your nights and make them sublime among your memories. As spring is just around the corner, it would be so ingenious to add this piece of accessory to your backyard. Imagine the look of it, sitting quiet but still strident and receiving platitude from all passing by.

Now, as we are done with elaborating upon the definition and some integral attributes that come along, let us ponder upon the best features a fire pit table can possess. Fire pits can be found in all the shapes, styles, and sizes that you can imagine, but DIY versions also come in handy as they are compact.

Starting from a campfire version with a lower cost and simple looks, they reach ready-built models that represent a pinnacle of luxury. You can find a fire pit table with a lid or a fire pit with a tabletop as well. The best is the propane fire pit tables. A small propane fire table not only provides you with heat and comfort but also saves you from cleaning ashes. They are portable and can be used with or without fire.

Best Propane Fire Pit Tables in 2020

This piece of writing will take you on tour to find out about the most suitable fire pit table for you so that you can set up a modern fire pit table:

TACKLIFE Propane Fire Pit Table 28 Inches (Best Low Price)

This little 28-inch outdoor companion is CSA certified with 50,000 BTU heat output. The square propane fire pit table provides stable and green burning. Providing an ample amount of heat and maintaining a romantic bonfire ambiance, this outdoor fire pit with rocks is a lovely addition to your patio. Made out of durable materials and soot free mechanism, the outdoor propane fire pit table can also be ordered in colored glass. This is perfect for gathering the family for quality time as it can be conveniently transformed into a propane fire pit dining table, propane fire pit coffee table too.


● Sturdy and durable steel

● Transformable into a lot more

● Portable

● Unique copper art finishes

● It is a fire pit table with a cover

Pros 50,000 BTU heat output

50,000 BTU heat output Best worth fire pit costing only $159.89

Best worth fire pit costing only $159.89 24 months warranty

24 months warranty Auto-Ignition Cons Poor Instructions.

Poor Instructions. Tough to assemble

Tough to assemble The cover doesn’t cover all rocks

BALI OUTDOORS Best Firepit LP Gas Fireplace (28 inches)

This again is a 28-inch little fellow has an elegant look with stylish shape in check. Resembling, this outdoor gas fire pit is a lot of energy-efficient. Green burning allows a pollution-free environment. A gas fire pit doesn’t need much maintenance at all. A lid is provided to protect from rain or snow. It is one of the best outdoor furniture with a gas fire pit, which adds a relaxed ambiance to the pool patio. If you are searching for an lp gas outdoor fireplace for a warm night, it would be a great decision.


● Elegant look

● Portable

● The tank is nicely concealed

● Compact

Pros 50,000 BTU heat output

50,000 BTU heat output Electronic Control Panel

Electronic Control Panel Adjustable flame

Adjustable flame Safety valves present Cons It doesn’t contain a canopy

It doesn’t contain a canopy Wobbly legs

Wobbly legs No auto-ignition practically added

No auto-ignition practically added Tough Assembly

LEGACY HEATING Gas Fire Pit 28-Inch Sq.

Does your family desire the best gas fire pit, on the rear area that would be an excellent conversation starter and would look sensible and work nice? Then this propane gas fire pit table would be an excellent selection. The classy look with a wicker finish just looks incredible. This is one of the best gas fire pits and is highly resistant to stains plus coming with a lid to cover the top. Meanwhile, it can also be applied as a gas fire pit dining table, gas fire pit coffee table, bistro table with the lid added to the fire bowl.


● Contains the lava rocks

● 8-12 inches Flame Height

● Best backyard fire pit

● It’s easy to start and regulate.

● Decent heat output

Pros Easy Assembly

Easy Assembly It is water-resistant

It is water-resistant Quick Ignition

Quick Ignition The exact number of lava rocks Cons Not portable for camping

Not portable for camping Not a large outdoor fire pit

Not a large outdoor fire pit The cover doesn’t fit well

The cover doesn’t fit well Non-Sufficient for large areas

Outland Living Series (44-Inch) Best Outdoor Propane Gas Hearth Table

Want to enjoy the stylishness and heat of the 35,000 BTU super high-quality propane fire pit table in any outdoor living area all year round? The outdoor propane gas fire pit table is then the best to sit back to relax and luxuriate time. This rectangle propane fire pit table a significant amount of strength and durability. It is a propane fire pit table that is an ideal addition to the backyard, patio, deck, or poolside and pleasing. Overall, a very romantic effect for cold weather. It provides a beautiful flame at a desirable height.


● Propane fire pit table with auto-ignition

● 20-Lb propane tank

● Coffee colored wicker look

● Strong and sturdy base

● Best fire pit for warmth

Pros Weather Resistant

Weather Resistant It comes with a sturdy Canopy

It comes with a sturdy Canopy Adjustable Flame

Adjustable Flame 35,000 BTU heat output Cons Canopy not big enough

Canopy not big enough Can’t be used on a windy day

Can’t be used on a windy day Expensive

Expensive Unsafe packaging

Bond Manufacturing 66770 Fairhaven Gas Firebowl Column

If you have been looking at fire pit tables for some time and afraid to buy one, this is one waiting for you. This round gas fire pit has a stainless steel burner that provides a perfect fire. It includes lava rocks and PVC cover and is suitable to be used as an outdoor gas fire pit only. Best materials for fire pit are used in manufacturing, making it looks spectacular, beautifully made, and designed. One of the most unique things is the high top fire pit table, which provides heat as high as the torso.


● 18-24 inches Flame

● Stainless steel burner

● Bronze Finish

● Easy access push start

Pros 40,000 BTU heat output

40,000 BTU heat output Propane tank not included

Propane tank not included Impulse Ignition

Impulse Ignition Easy setup Cons Solely Outdoor usage

Solely Outdoor usage Need to purchase fire glass separately

Need to purchase fire glass separately Fragile Gas Knob

Fragile Gas Knob Expensive

U-MAX (Best 32in Outdoor Propane Gas Table)

If you want to have a smokeless bar b q experience propane gas fire pit table is all you need. The fire pit burner and control panel are made of high-quality 304 Stainless Steel for longer life. It has a heat output of 50,000 BTU, which provides ample warmth creating a romantic bonfire atmosphere. This 32 inches Fire Pit Table with Burner Lid is aluminum powder coated. The frame of the gas fire pit table is sturdy, rust-resistant, and heat resistant. It is the best outdoor fire pit and looks impressive on deck. It can be called one of the best rectangular propane fire pit table.


● Durable Material

● Smoke-free

● Rust Resistant

● Elegant Look

Pros 50,000 BTU heat output

50,000 BTU heat output Weather-resistant

Weather-resistant Auto-Ignition

Auto-Ignition Detailed manual Cons Manual use

Manual use Cannot be converted to natural gas

Cannot be converted to natural gas AAA Battery required

Summer Blue Fireglass (Best 30 Inches Outdoor Propane Gas Hearth Table )

The Endless Summer Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit provides heat and comfort outside for the whole year. As an ideal addition to any porch or patio, the Outdoor Fire Pit has a user-friendly electronic ignition. The Outdoor Fire Pit table attracts a comfy and soothing. Easy assembly. It is a 30 inches table, including One Fire Pit Table with Burner Lid. The propane gas fire pit table comes with decorative blue fire glass and a PVC vinyl canopy to protect the fire bowl from the weather.


● It has an adjustable flame.

● It comes with Blue Fire glass

● The glass is much more aesthetically pleasing.

Pros 30,000 BTU heat output

30,000 BTU heat output Includes safety valve

Includes safety valve Lower Price

Lower Price Adjustable Flame Cons Level floor required

Level floor required Short, concentrated heat diameter

Short, concentrated heat diameter Metal cover not included

( Best 52in Outdoor ) Wicker Propane Fire Pit Table

The propane fire pit table is one of the high-end fire pits and will be a perfect combination of style and functionality on your patio or in the backyard. A durable fabric cover is included to ensure that this fire pit table will withstand the elements. The final product is a modern outdoor fire pit; it is a work of art and gives the back deck a warm and friendly appearance. It is a fantastic product. There is ample ledge to put plates and drinks on. It is so beautiful; glass around the flames just adds a lovely ambiance to the fire.


● Elegant look

● Cover included

● Steel frames wrapped in wicker

● Extremely durable

Pros Adjustable flame.

Adjustable flame. 50,000 BTU heat output

50,000 BTU heat output Glass Wind Guard Cons Manual Ignition

Manual Ignition Extremely brief instruction manual

COSIEST- 4-Piece Propane Hearth Outdoor Furniture, Brown Sofa Set

Outdoor leisure has never looked so good before as the comfort is provided by 4-inch thick high-density foam seat and back cushions and teal pattern pillows. A large glass-top fire pit coffee table is perfect for serving dinners. The propane fire pit coffee table is 29-inch square by 14-inch tall, and each chair section has a 350 lb weight capacity. With the base of the only 32-inch square, it has a height of 20-inch. The wicker is made of quality material; the cushion is thick and spongy, very comfy to sit. There is an inside place to put the propane gas tank, which is safer. Put the sofa and propane fire pit table in the garden, enjoy and relax! Clean burning propane flame of the modern fire pit table provides soothing warmth and a centerpiece for outdoor evenings worth remembering.


● Teal finish

● External switch

● Free lava Rocks

● Rain cover included

Pros 40,000 BTU heat output

40,000 BTU heat output Includes sofa set

Includes sofa set Cover enough for the whole unit Cons Propane tank not concealable

COSIEST- Outdoor Propane Fire Pit Coffee Table w Dark Bronze 42-inch Spherical Base Area Heater,

Do you want to gather your family to start a fantastic conversation? The elegant propane fire pit coffee table just enables you to gather around it and tell stories. Clean burning propane flame of the fire pit table provides soothing warmth with electronic ignition. Natural red lava pieces fill the round propane fire pit burner bowl and help retain the warmth longer as they are heated by the flames.

The propane Fire pit table also comes with a waterproof cover to keep it clean and dry when not in use. The unit has a 42-inch circumference and a 13-inch height giving an almost sunken feeling. The fire bowl itself is 27-inch round. The wind guard keeps the flames steady. Large enough fire pit coffee table surface to set your coffee or nightcap.

The side table allows putting the drink while enjoying the fire around the round gas fire pit. The coffee table fire pit will meet your wildest dreams and exceed your expectations. You will enjoy gathering around the bonfire with friends and family.


● Provides soothing environment

● Waterproof cover to keep it clean and dry when not in use

● Wind guard keeps the flames steady.

● No soot or ash to cleanup

● Stainless steel burner

Pros 50,000 BTU heat output

50,000 BTU heat output Waterproof Cover

Waterproof Cover Auto-Ignition

Auto-Ignition Adjustable flame Cons It does not include the propane tank.

It does not include the propane tank. Not suitable for small spaces

Features to consider when buying the best fire pits


Mostly the little price fire pits are hard to find, but if you are frugal but still want the best, the TACKLIFE Propane fire pit table 28 inches is what you need. The flame is regulated. The best price with the most intriguing features and a presentable look marks it as one of the most economical and elegant pieces of furniture


This fire pit produces 50,000 BTU that offers a massive amount of heat even at rock bottom levels and is worth a chance


It can be used for multipurpose function as an outdoor decor in your yard or patio for the primary purpose of displayed elegance as an outdoor heater or cooking appliance in your patio. Portability makes it suitable for camping and other activities.


Who would not like sitting back and relaxing on a cozy sofa seat and enjoying a born fire nearby? The square ceramic top fire table made by weather synthetic PE resin wicker can be turned into a coffee table, perfect for serving dinners. Moreover, the clean-burning propane flame provides soothing warmth with a controlled eco-friendly flame.


When it comes to shopping for your new sofa, the first thing that will usually catch your attention is an attractive look and a comfortable design. Finding a piece with a striking look and comfortable seats can often cause love at first sight, and you may find yourself already considering how it can fit your house. COSIEST 4-Piece Propane Fire Pit Outdoor Furniture Brown Sofa Set has a4-inch thick high-density foam seat and back cushions, which is exactly the most comfortable thing you have been looking for for so long.


The wicker is made of super high-quality materials. The cushion is a thick and padded sponge, very comfortable to sit. Overstuffed cushions look comfortable and sophisticated. The lines of this sofa are an important element of the overall look.


How long will a propane tank last on a fire pit?

For the Fire Pit, a 20# propane tank will last roughly about 4 to 4 ½ hours at endless burn at the utmost output. The tank will not finish until 8-9 hours at a moderate gas output. For the Fire Table, four 1# propane tanks can also be connected to the manifold. Every tank can last approximately ½ hour at endless burn at the utmost output. If all four tanks are connected, the tanks can last up to 2 hours at a continuous burn at the utmost gas output.

How to build an outdoor propane fire pit?

The fire table building is a fun process because it entails a variety of skills like woodworking, masonry, metalwork, and a little mechanical.

It is a stylish centerpiece that gives you a great opportunity to showcase DIY abilities. Below mentioned are the steps to make propane fire pit:

Tools Required

Basic hand tools Compressor Concrete trowel Drill Miter saw Mixing tub Table saw Trim nailer Wire cutters

Materials Required

Burner kit Cedar Quikrete Countertop Mix


Find the propane burner.

Building a Table:

Taper the feet Cut

and assemble the frames

Attach the side frames to the posts.

Attach the front and back frames

Install the angle braces

Fasten the trim boards

Fasten the planks

Construct the door frame and install the ball catches

Attach the strike plates

Fasten the door planks and trim board Caulk

and apply finish

Install the outer heat shield

Install the inner heat shield

Build the tabletop form

Create a rounded edge with silicone

Mix the concrete

Add in your color

Fill the form

Set in the wire mesh

Screed off the excess concrete

What to burn in the fire pit table?

Some eco-friendlier options that can burn in the fire pit table depend on which one best suit your entertaining outdoor style and works best for you. Following options can be considered

1-Wood bricks

2- Wood pallets

3- Recycled Coffee Grounds

4- Soy

5-Switch grass Logs

6- Non-Petroleum Natural Wax Logs.

Top 10 Best Propane Fire Pit Tables: We have chosen Best Propane fire pit tables after the usage of industry experts. Let have a look on Gas Fire Pits




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